Kaoru Saejima (née Mitsuki) is the wife of Kouga Saejima and mother to Raiga Saejima in the Original Series. She is the female protagonist of GAROKIBA: Dark Knight Side StoryMakai Flash Knight.


Kaoru started out as a starving artist, taking various jobs (bike delivery, waitress, painter) to help supplement her living while trying to get noticed by the art world. What she thought would be her big break would lead to her unusual relationship with the makai world. Kaoru was saved by Golden Knight Garo, Kouga Saejima, from a horror. Unfortunately, her body was tainted from Horror's blood, giving her only 100 days of life. Usually, a knight is expected to slay tainted civilians, but Kouga had mercy for her. Knowing the taint will attract all sorts of horrors, he used her as bait. Without realizing the gravity of the situation, Kaoru initially thought Kouga was a creepy person always appearing before her, but she realized he's been protecting her. She eventually became homeless and barged her way into Kouga's home, making each other unlikely roommates. Things would get complicated when Rei Suzumura, Silver Knight Zero, appeared and began harassing the two. Zero would use Kaoru to antagonize Kouga. Despite trying to establish peace, the two knights were always at odds. Kaoru and Kouga had gotten close, but things would be complicated when Kaoru discovered Kouga has been using her as bait. Feeling hurt and betrayed, she parted ways with Kouga, but the fact he was protecting her from demons all this time suddenly left her highly insecure and fearful in public. Gonza would later find Kaoru to explain Kouga is trying to save her. After she was cured of the taint with the Barankas Fruits, the two resumed their friendship. During this whole time, she was seeing psychiatrist Karune Ryūzaki; she didn't know it was actually Barago, Dark Knight Kiba. Barago made Kaoru into a gateway for Mother of Horrors, Messiah, to rise from the makai world. After Garo defeated Messiah and Kiba, Kaoru left for Italy to refine her artistry. She returns by Beast of the Demon Night and established a romantic relationship with Kouga.

By Makai Flash Knight, Kaoru has earned some traction as an artist and used her dark experiences to create a fantasy graphic book. Although a couple with Kouga, dating and spending time with Garo has been difficult. However, she has been patient and tolerant of him. Things would prove difficult when she discovered Kouga has magically cursed for death. Despite all that has happened, she has shown faith and trust in Kouga's reasons. After defeating the threat of Sigma Fudō, Kouga left for the Promised Land to honor his contract with mystical beast Gajari. Her artwork became a success and her dream of becoming an accomplished artist finally happened, but her heart and mind were with Kouga. Eventually, Kouga succeeded in his mission and returned to the mortal world, where the two eventually get married. By the events of Asura, Kaoru have a son with Kouga, Raiga. Although happy for a time, the family would be ripped apart by Eyrith's powers of space and time; she's lost in between dimensions and Kouga followed her. Though she eventually confirmed to be safe and sound by the time her husband found her, Kaoru nevertheless joined him in his quest to undo the damage Eyrith left behind and knowing Raiga can handle himself without them. The two would later assisted their son and Mayuri in combating an old threat before resuming their mission together.



Born to her parents, the famous artist Yuji Mitsuki and his wife Karin Mitsuki, Kaoru was six years old when she is found by Barago who converted her into a gate for his plan to bring Messiah into the world.


Kaoru gets a break the day she is able to present her art at the gallery of Tasuke Taniyama, unaware that he is possessed by the Horror Anglay who intended to devour her before Kouga arrived and bought her painting to have her take it to his manor while he attempts to slay the Horror. However, returning to the gallery as the fight reaches its climax, Kaoru is splashed with Anglay's blood with Kouga sparing her life to find a way to save her life while giving Zaruba and the Eastern Watchdogs the notion that he intends to use her as Horror bait while keeping the secret of her condition from her.

Kaoru eventually was evicted from her apartment and temporarily freeloaded at Asami's place. After Kaoru's bad cooking gave Asami food poisoning, she moved into Kouga's home. She literally took Kouga's words of staying close as an excuse to move in. Kouga wanted her to at least earn her keep, but her cooking was so horrible that Gonza became ill.

Kaoru has feelings for Kouga as well, but was devastated when she found out Kouga used her as Horror bait, even though Kouga actually never did it until the occasion where she found it out. Kaoru always seem to manage to involve herself with a Horror all on her own, and that's why Kouga always says she's an unlucky woman. For her protection, Kouga placed a special ring created by Zaruba in one of her fingers, allowing him to always locate Kaoru's position when necessary and be alerted if a Horror is close to her, though she forced Zaruba to take it back when the truth came out. Eventually, Kouga managed to save Kaoru's life with the Barankas fruit.

Kaoru also learns of his father's ties to Kouga's father Taiga, finding the picture book from her dreams that her father wrote let never finished the final age. As Barago's scheme is nearly complete, Kaoru's nature as Messiah's gate begins to manifest as he kidnaps her. Trusting her to Elda, Barago conveys to Kaoru his life story and the fact that she has also been possessed by Messiah herself at times during their meetings. Rendered in a comatose state as Messiah begins to enter the human world, Kaoru played a role in having Kouga defeat the Horror and bring him back to their world. Soon after, Kaoru presents Kouga the finished the last page of the Golden Knight and the Black Flame book before she leaves for Italy.

Beast of the Demon Night[]

Kaoru only appears during the last moments of the Special, returning to the Saejima estate from her studies in Italy. She also fixes the first painting that Kouga bought, which was inadvertently damaged by Rin Yamagatana's spell. When Kouga returns from his mission in the Kantai Region, Kaoru welcomes him back with a smile.

GARO: Makai Flash Knight[]

During the events of Garo: Makai Senki, Kaoru is still living in the Saejima estate and has finally developed her relationship with Kouga. However, when Kouga was marked with the Seal of Destruction by Sigma Fudō, he decided to keep Kaoru in the dark about it, so as to not worry her. She also focuses on improving her art further, specifically completing a second storybook, while also getting to know Kouga's associates, such as Jabi, Rekka, and especially Leo Fudō]], whom she forms a close bond with.

During the Secret, Kaoru tags along with Leo as he searches for a Spirit Beast. She then learns much about being a Makai Priest, including powering up their Madou Brushes using the Spirit Beast's blessing. When the two finally see the beast, Kaoru also lifts up her paintbrush and has the beast bless it with light as well. However, a Demonic Beast also attacks the two and Leo defeats it with a mystic sword. Leo then asks Kaoru to keep his swordsmanship a secret between them.

Lament of the Dark Dragon[]



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