Kazuma was a Makai Knight turned Horror who was a childhood friend of Tsubasa Yamagatana.

Personality & Character

Little is known about Kazuma but character is largely based on Tsubasa's view of him and witness accounts. According to Tsubasa, Kazuma was a good friend and rival when they were trainees. He considered bright and reliable as the sun. Unfortunately, Kazuma's career ended before it could start. He suffered a major physical injury and he was unable to graduate as a knight.

Kazuma has since lived his life as a normal person, taking odd jobs to make ends meet. Along the way, he would develop a habit of hanging out in bars, occasionally mentioning his wise friend (Tsubasa). Living a nomadic life, he never stayed in once place too long, often making an impression but would abruptly vanish. Somewhere in between, he despaired over the loss of his knighthood and those negative emotions invited corruption. A horror eventually took over his body, but the horror continued to live his life as Kazuma, quietly taking victims when they least suspect. He became a cowardly low-ranking chef at a ocean restaurant in his final days.

Skills & Abilities

  • Makai Knight Training: Despite his training being incomplete due to an injury Kazuma was still very skilled, having been better than Tsubasa during their apprentice days.

Tools & Weapons

  • Tainted Makai Blades: Kazuma welded a jian-type makai blade than became tainted by inga when he fell to darkness. He is able to conjure a second blade with his Horror power.


Early Days

Little is known about Kazuma's origins but he and Tsubasa met as trainees. It is presumed that he came from a makai family and he was a male heir to his family's armor. Kazuma and Tsubasa would become friendly rivals as they trained. Unfortunately, Kazuma's path to knighthood was cut short due to a severe training injury that prevented him from graduating to become a full knight. He left the makai world and lived a normal life, taking odd jobs to financially survive without the order's financial support.

Makai Tales

After the events of Flash Knight and Lament of the Dark Dragon, Tsubasa thought about Kazuma and wondered did he still have the heart of a protector. Tsubasa would ultimately find Kazuma working as a low-ranking chef, doing dishes and menial work. Kazuma tried to run away from Tsubasa in shame, but in reality, he wasn't human anymore. It's unclear when, but Kazuma succumb to corruption and have been taken over by a horror. The two would privately fight in a parking lot, with Kazuma mocking him. What remained of Kazuma wanted to relay a message to Tsubasa, but the demon within him says he no longer remembers. Kazuma almost had the upper-hand until Jabi intervened to help. Kazuma would transform into a beastly reptilian demon, but Tsubasa quickly donned his Dan armor and slayed him. Dan pierced through Kazuma with his spear. In his final moments, Kazuma laid on the floor and smiled as he faded away. Tsubasa would mourn for his friend with Jabi, remembering the man he thought as the sun.

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