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Kidnap is the 11th episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on December 15, 2017.


Alfil misinforms Natalia about Sword being a serial kidnapper and the responsible for a police shootout. Alfil also informs her that Sword is coming to their town and that he is brining a girl with him. Arriving at a tavern, Sword and Sophie are greeted and then treated by the locals, who tell the history about their town and Alfil. Sophie and Natalia go to the restroom, but when Sophie comes out, Natalia takes her outside and tries to put her inside Alfil’s patrol car. Sophie yells Sword, but all the locals at the tavern aim at Sword with their guns. Sword manages to take all their guns and nearly reaches Sophie, but he is held down by the locals, who allow Alfil to escape with Natalia and Sophie. Sword finds his motorcycle chained up and uses it as cover from the locals shooting at him, while Sophie tries to explain that they are wrong, but Alfil just dismisses it as Stockholm Syndrome. Alfil tells Natalia to sedate Sophie, but Sophie manages to take Natalia’s gun and causes the cruiser to crash. Back at San Del Dios, Sword keeps running from the civilians, who indiscreetly firing at him. Just when Sword was about to be shot, Gina arrived and saves him. Sophie holds both Natalia and Alfil at gun point, but Bishop appears and allows Alfil to be rough since their farce was revealed. Alfil knocks Natalia aside and gets closer to Sophie, Sophie threatens to kill herself, but passes out. When she awakes, she finds Sword and Gina. Alfil transforms into his Horror form and battles Sword, but is cut down by Sword at the end. Bishops destroys the town and then retreats, but Gina says it’s fine since the town folks are alive trapped in a magical cage that Gina made to stop them from chasing Sword. They then continue towards El Dorado.