King is an ancient Horror that plotted a digital apocalypse through his El Dorado Project in Vanishing Line.

Description & Characteristics

King is the self-given name and title of this ancient Horror. A highly resourceful Horror, it has survived since the days of Crimson Moon, Divine Flame, and into modern times of Vanishing Line. Unlike other horrors, King isn't a powerful horror but was feared and respected for his intelligence. He has evaded the Makai Order for centuries and often hides within the shadows of men and to avoid direct conflict. A dark architect of plots, he prefers to make covert plans and have minions take care of the tasks for him; it minimizes his risk to exposure and danger. A manipulator and controller, he managed to corrupted people of the Makai Order to serve at his side and recruit strong horrors to fight for his cause. With his cunning, intellect, and vision, he helped take over the city of El Dorado to help him complete his El Dorado Project: the ability to digitize all souls into his Eldo Net system. With it, he can devour the bodies of humans or feast on their souls in his private digital world.


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Notes & Trivia

  • King is similar to Tousei Kaneshiro from Ryūga-verse as both are resourceful and intelligent. In contrast to Tousei, who simply wanted to rule Volcity, King sought to plunge the world into a digital apocalypse and pose a greater threat.