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The Kingdom of Vazelia is a fictional European-style country in Divine Flame. The lake of Vazelia served as a Madōgu prison for the Legendary Horror Nigra Venus, with the pillars setting the boundaries and the center tower holding the activation device.

Description & Characteristics

Vazelia was a neighboring kingdom of Valiante, but it was destroyed approximately 5 years ago. It was once a great kingdom, filled with majesty and beauty. Before its destruction, Vazelia was a kingdom connecting to a small island, and was built on a lake that was surrounded by many mountains.


The heir to the kingdom, Princess Sara Vazelia, was the most beautiful and adored throughout the lands. Unfortunately, a Horror attacked her and horrifically disfigured her face, which made her lose her sanity. So ashamed by her appearance, she burned her entire kingdom down. Filled with guilt over what happened to the princess, the Makai Knight and royal guard Dario Montoya, blinded himself and betrayed the Order in order to look after her. Unbeknownst to them, Vazelia was founded over the sealed tomb of legendary horror, Nigra Venus. After the destruction of Vazelia, Nigra managed to escape and possess the despaired princess. Vazelia might of been destroyed, but Nigra Venus remained at the lake, where she entices unsuspecting civilians to their deaths.

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