Sakata no Kintoki (坂田 金時)
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Kintoki (金時) is Raikou's traveling companion, aspiring to be his apprentice despite his age. He was once known as Tokiwaka (常若) and was a Makai Knight, whose current form is due to an unexplained curse on his armor.

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Because Kintoki used to be much older, he is more responsible and mature compared to Raikou. It seems Kintoki doesn't remember his former relationship with Tamagushi.

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  • Makai Knight Training (Formerly): Kintoki back when he was Tokiwaka was an immensely strong knight well known for his abilities in slaying horrors without the use of his armor, this, however, was more out necessity due to his armors curse than vanity in his skills.

Equipment Edit

  • Rods: Kintoki carries a pair of metal rods that function as a Horror detector when slammed together, they produce sparks that can deduce the identity of one possessed by a Horror.


Kintoki was a former Makai Knight who wielded twin axes to transform. But unlike other armors, his armor was cursed with the consumption of time, which made the user gradually become younger and lose his memory to the point they are unable to age naturally. A year after his final fight as a Makai Knight, he appears upon Raikou's mother, Tamagushi and becomes the guardian of a baby Raikou.

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  • Kintoki is based on a real-life historical figure whose childhood name was Kintaro, one of the four retainers of Minamoto no Yorimitsu (Raiko) who became a legend in his own right

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