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Knight is the eighth episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on November 24, 2017.


Luke confronts Knight and they both engage in a fierce battle. During the battle, Luke flashbacks back when the Dark Knight was still his master and the day Knight killed Luke's mother. Luke is eventually outmatched by Knight's strength and gets impaled by his bisento, Knight then drops an injured Luke from a rooftop and then his bisento. Zaruba drives the motorcycle out from the windows of the building and rescues Luke before Knight's bisento can strike him. Sword then attacks Dark Knight and they both summon their Makai Armor and start battling. Meanwhile, Feilong's people are setting up a magical barriers around the city to limit the destruction. As Meifang takes Sophie to a safe underground shelter, they are intercepted by a Horror and then a swarm of them, but Meifong manages to defeat all of them with just a magic talisman. The battle between the Knights quickly escalates and many buildings are destroyed. As the destruction nears to the end, Sword and the Dark Knight fight with their bare fists. Sword eventually defeats Knight, who tells him to sharpen his blade as he will return.

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