Kodama (コダマ) is the mute servant and adopted son of Gulm appearing in GARO, acting as a tertiary antagonist.


Much about Kodama's origins are unknown, only that he was adopted by Gulm and can't speak. Kodama loyally serves Gulm, carrying out her orders and protecting her from harm. He's a highly skilled martial artist and his abilities can rival a priest and/or knight. While not confirmed, it's suggested that Kodama was privately trained in the ways of a knight and in offensive magical combat. While taking the position as Gulm's body guard and bulter, he's really Gulm's shadow agent. He's capable in stealth infiltration, scouting, intelligence, and assasination for her.

For combat, Kodama is skilled enough to take on two knights without the need for a sword. His martial arts is suggestively designed against a knight as he's able to parry sword attacks with his finger tips and even hold a blade without getting cut. When he needs to attack at longer range, he's capable of firing magical sonic orbs called Light Bullets. Although unable to speak, he's able to focus sonic energies into his hand with his throat, creating the light bullet with the explosive power of a grenade. However, Kodama is not without weaknesses. If a combatant can injure his throat, he would lose his ability to fire any sonic attacks, forcing him to rely in melee combat. If a battle proves to be difficult, his greatest trump card is his armor.

Although already stronger than Kouga Saejima, Kodama can't defeat Garo. To be strong enough to take on Garo, he was given a Demon Beast Armor, giving him the title Demon Beast Armor Kodama (魔獣装甲コダマ, Majū Sōkō Kodama) to rival any knight in battle. Kodama summons his armor by using his light bullets; he lets a large cry to call forth 6 light bullets to create a portal to don his beast armor. In his armored form, Kodama can best Garo. Unfortnately, in all the contigencies and training prepared for him, Kodama couldn't handle a Lost Soul Beast. When Kouga lost himself to darkness, he surpassed his armor's limits and became a lost soul beast. In this form, Garo was strong enough to rip him apart.

Although Kodama served under the Makai Order, his loyalties has always been with Gulm. It's unclear does he have any independent thoughts about serving Gulm, but he will follow her to the end without question. After Gulm decided to align herself with Barago, Kodama also recognized Kiba has his dark lord and kneels before his presence as a sign of respect. However, his true feelings about everything was unclear. Overall, Kodama was one of the most formidable opponents Garo ever faced.


Early Days[]

Nothing was explained about Kodama's origins, only that he was found and adopted by Gulm. The origins of his muteness, his martial arts training, magical abilities, and overall early history remains unknown. It's only speculated that Gulm had Kodama secretly trained similiarly to a Makai Knight and had him stationed beside her, functioning as both body guard and butler. To visitors of her sanctum, he's merely a servant; privately, Kodama is Gulm's private field agent.


Jabi's Theft & Kiba's Appearance[]

While preparing Horror Blades for the Forced Repatriation ritual, Jabi (Amon's disciple), appeared and stole the box of blades. Kodama gave chase and fought with Jabi in a secluded underpass. Kodama's martial arts and use of light bullet gave Jabi a hard time; she redirected his sonic blast to force him to brace impact. Kodama used a cross-guard to protect himself from the blast, but Jabi took advantage of this distraction to disappear.

Later at the Gulm's sanctum, she reported to Kouga Saejima of what Jabi did and assigned him to capture her. Jabi is suspected of murdering her mentor and stole the blades for nefarious purposes. While Kouga accepted the assignment, he had his doubts and questions Gulm's motives. In Kouga's quest to find Jabi and recover the blades, the two old friends met and fought, but their fued was paused with Rei's appearance.

Gulm realized that Kouga wasn't getting the job done and decided to get Rei Suzumura to finish the job. To motivate him, she falsely confirmed that Garo was behind the deaths of his loved ones to enrage him for battle. Zero fought Garo, but the match was considered a draw as Jabi helped Kouga escape. Jabi and Kouga would later try to complete the Forced Repatriation ritual on their own when Kodama appeared. He used his light bullets to destroy Jabi and engaged Kouga in melee combat.

While fighting Kodama, Rei appeared and also had his doubts about everything that has happened. Kouga managed to convince Rei to at least complete the ritual by throwing the horrow blades into the rift to send it back to the makai realm. Although thought to be finished, the ritual failed and the 14 blades have combined to returned as one massive horror. As Garo and Zero fought the giant horror, Kiba apppeared to slay it. Kodama kneeled before Kiba presence and watch him slay and absorb the giant horror before leaving the scene himself.

Awaiting Messiah's Return & Death[]

After Barago took Kaoru away to prepare for the resurrection of Messiah, Gulm and Kodama followed Barago to his base (a tall commericial building). While Gulm and Barago awaited for Messiah to appear, Kodama was to stand guard. It was at the parking lot that Kodama would face Kouga again. Kodama proved to be a strong opponent as Kouga couldn't beat him; Kouga became Garo to gain the upperhand. With the golden armor, Kouga was able to withstand any sonic attacks from Kodama and knock him back. Although seemingly beaten, Kodama led out a cry to summon his demon beast armor.

As Demon Beast Armor Kodama, he was able to beat Garo. Desperate to save Kaoru, Kouga lost control of his emotions and stayed passed his time limit; Garo became a Lost Soul Beast. In his raging beast form, Garo was able to restrain Kodama and use its tail to impale him through his abdomen before cutting him down. Garo finished Kodama off by ripping his body in half and threw it away before heading up to face Kiba.

Gulm's Defeat & Aftermath[]

Gulm witnessed the death of Kodama and swore revenge for him. Zero was able to reset Garo's armor, forcing the armor to purge from Kouga. After Kouga came to his senses, the two would climb the skyscraper to face Kiba and Gulm. The two would eventually meet Gulm and face her in combat. Zero had Kouga go ahead of him to face Kiba and rescue Kaoru. Like Kodama, Gulm had her own demon beast armor and the two fought. Gulm was stronger in combat and dominated the latter of their battle. Unfortunately, Gulm was over confident and Zero took advantage of the moment to defeat her in battle. Garo would ultimately prevent Messiah's return, successfully defeat Kiba, rescued Kaoru, and restored order; all of Kodama's efforts for Gulm was for nothing. After the knights' victory, the Makai Order made no effort to investigate about Kodama's nor Gulm's corruption.


  • Light Bullet (光弾, Hikaridama): Although Kodama doesn't speak, he does have a magical voice. By concentrating his sonic energies into his hand, he can create explosive blue orb-like bolts called Light Bullet(s). With the explosive force of a grenade, he can launch them for long range attacks or use it to bolster his hand attacks. The louder his voice, the more powerful the orbs become. He can even create a series of them, line them up, and time release them on his command. He often combines his sonic attacks with his martial arts to give himself a superior field advantage in most confrontations. However, should anyone injure his throat, it would weaken him as he's forced to only use melee combat.


  • Demon Beast Armor: As a contingency plan should their accidental pawn Rei aka. Zero eventually realized the truth behind his loved ones' death and had to assist Barago in combat, Kodama and Gulm crafted their respective Demon Beast Armors where his designed like a Horror-like knight which eyes can blink and open its mouth like a real thing. The armor is summoned through deploying several light bullets into a dimensional rift through which the armor equips him.
    • Sword: The armor comes with a sword through which he can channel his sonic wave to increase its blows.






Kodama Appearances



  • His name is derived from the Japanese word meaning "echo".
  • In the Garo Side Story, you finally see him speak; unfortunately, he talks extremely loud and fast in English, which Kaoru mistakes for a Kansai dialect.
  • In data book Garo Pia, his armored form is described as Kodama (Demon Beast Armor) (コダマ (魔獣装甲), Kodama (Majū Sōkō)).