Kosode No Te was a kimono-like Horror that possessed the body of Kosode, the woman that Fujiwara no Yasusuke loved.


Early History

Due to Kosode losing her parents when she was just a baby, she grew up without a name and had to resort to theft in order to survive. She was eventually imprisoned for her crimes, but she received a documentation of innocence and started working under Fujiwara no Yasusuke, the man who arrested her. Yasusuke would later give her the name of Kosode after her tattered sleeves, a name she came to treasure.

Crimson Moon

One night, while working with Yasusuke to capture a criminal, she treated Raikou after the criminal that they were pursuing cut him. She receives a hair ornament from Yasusuke as a gift later that night, and stumbles upon Seimei on her way back home, who takes an interest in the hair ornament. In exchange for the ornament, Seimei helps Kosode experience the way of living of the aristocracy, realizing that it didn't suit her after all. Seimei concludes that Kosode was willing to give up the hair ornament because she wanted to cut ties with Yasusuke, to which Kosode replies that he had given her something much more valuable. Kosode eventually stormed off after cutting all ties with Yasusuke, as it was impossible for them to be together due to their social status. She stumbles upon a bolt of expensive silk and tries to pick it up, but was beaten senseless after being falsely accused of theft. The noble woman who owned it then made a remark about "filthy things", angering Kosode because they were far more filthy and tainted than she was. Kosode then turned into a Horror due the inequality of their social classes and the unjust treatment those on the lower class face, wrapping the woman with silk and consuming her. Kosode was eventually slain by Raikou after donning the Garo armor.

Posthumously, her death opened Yasusuke's eyes to corruption among nobles that he decided to discard his own social status, leading to him become the heir to long-lost Zanga Armor.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Kosode No Te is based on the yōkai of the same name, as evidenced by the kimono motif.


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