Kouga Saejima (冴島 鋼牙, Saejima Kōga) is a Makai Knight and successor to the title of Garo the Golden Knight. He is the protagonist of the Original Series; and by the time of The Makai Flower, Kouga passed on his title to his son, Raiga Saejima.


Kouga is a man with a truly noble and kind heart beneath his unsociable persona which resulted from his tragic past. Not only he watched his father Taiga perished at hands of Barago (whom he mistook as a Horror), but also lost classmates he befriended when he was training to become a knight. He did, however, learned what he needed to be a proper protector through Taiga's message to be brave to him as conveyed by Zaruba and Wataru and Kengi's ideals; one being that any person, good or bad, has not only the right to live but also the potential to save many lives on their own in the process; the other being that one should try to his best to save another person, regardless of how slim the chances might be.

Kouga begins to grow out of his unsociable behavior through the fateful encounter with Kaoru Mitsuki whom inadvertently caught in the fight between him and Anglay during which she got stained by the Horror's blood, a condition that will kill her in 100 days in an excruciatingly painful manner. Though expected to kill her to spare her a painful death, Kouga spared Kaoru's life because she reminded him of his mother (he keeps this fact to himself as he told The Three Priestess, his commanding Watch Dogs at the time, that he wanted to use her as a bait). In time, he begins to fell for her thus strengthened his resolve to save her from Horror stain. By the time he does, Kouga soon learns the truth about the one who killed Taiga during The Three Priestesses' betrayal and Kodama's assassination on Jabi and momentarily took a dark path where he willingly assumes Lost Soul Beast form at one point during their attempt to save his love who was kidnapped by them in a bid to summon Messiah, necessitating Rei aka. Silver Knight Zero to snap him out of it, dismayed to see his fellow knight stoop that low just as when his opinion about him improved. In the end, he managed not only to save Kaoru once again, but also stopped Messiah and defeated Kiba Armor that was animated by the remnants of his father's killer.

Kouga's change into a better person than he used to be while maintaining his focus at the same time became more evident in his later years starting from the events of Makai Flash Knight. Facing uncertainty over his future from receiving Sigma Fudō's Seal of Destruction, Kouga begins to engage in domestic activities more than he used to be (most notably spending his time with Kaoru) and improve his social skills that initially left much to be desired while maintaining his focus as a knight at the same time. While he eventually managed to rid the Seal and stop Sigma at the same time, such positive development allowed him to become a good father as not only he and his wife decided to raise their son Raiga in a loving environment surrounded by family and people who cared for him, but also give him the freedom to choose whether he wanted to inherit the title of Garo.


Early Days & Childhood[]

Born to Taiga Saejima and Rin Saejima, Kouga is part of the Saejima Clan, descended from a bloodline of makai warriors who have long fought against the Horrors under the title of Garo. Kouga would lose his mother at around three years old due to an unspecified medical condition. Afterwards, Kouga would be looked after by Gonza (family butler) and Taiga. After he was old enough to travel with Taiga, his father would bring him along on his missions and began training him to become a knight.

While unclear on specifics of time, Taiga had a friendship with Makai Priest Amon. He would befriend Amon's disciple, Jabi. Upon first meeting, Zaruba encouraged Kouga to introduce himself to Jabi but he didn't like to be called a boy. Kouga did his best to appear manly and strong before introducing himself. Jabi would become friends and play together when Taiga and Amon are busy. In one memorable event, the two were playing and Kouga got seriously injured, leaving a massive scar on his back.

One fateful mission, he encountered a kind toy man and didn't realize it was a horror. When Taiga came to seal the horror, Kouga defended the toy man for mercy. However, the toy man took Kouga as a hostage to save itself. Taiga managed to defeat the horror and free Kouga; Taiga slapped Kouga hard for his foolishness and Kouga learned to never have mercy for a horror ever again.

Taiga's Death & Becoming Garo[]

One night, after overhearing Gonza's concern for Taiga, Kouga followed his father to the woods where he witnessed Taiga battling Barago in the shadows. At the time, Kouga thought his father was fighting a Horror. In mortal combat, Barago managed to disarm Garo and push him to the limits of his armor. Kouga revealed himself to help Garo get his sword back, but didn't have the skill to lift it. When Barago saw Kouga, he charged to kill Kouga.

Seeing his son in danger, Taiga used his own body to shield Kouga. Barago mortally impaled Taiga with his right arm. In his last act, Garo grabbed Barago's head and used his forearm armor to cross cut Barago's face. Critically injured, Barago fled and Taiga fell as he succumb to wound and died. Kouga could only mourn for his fallen father in tears. It was then Zaruba spoke to Kouga, telling him to touch him to convey Taiga's final message. Taiga told Kouga he's to inherit the title of Garo, to become a protector, and to be strong.

After burying Taiga, Kouga had Gonza to get a crane to help him lift the Garo Sword from the ground. Unfortunately, the magical sword was too heavy and fell back to the ground. With the sword stuck, Kouga decided to form a pact with Zaruba. Testing his resolve, Zaruba exposed Kouga to ghouls as a frightful warning of what's to come if he's serious to become a knight. Determined not to fail Taiga's expectations, Kouga would begin his journey to fulfill his legacy.

Filled with rage, Kouga wanted to desperately become a knight. He sought to learn under Kengi (a knight and Rekka's dad) by apprenticeship, but Kengi felt Kouga's heart is too enraged and impatient to be taught. Kengi defeated Kouga but encouraged him to have more patience as it's not his time yet. It was while talking that Kouga learned about Rekka and Kengi's pride for his daughter. Kengi would play his flute and help put Kouga's heart at ease.

Kouga would later join a special camp filled with kids about his age. They are all children of the makai order and fledgling knights. The team he was part of was ranked among the lowest and placed in Wataru Shijima's Yamabuki Squad under the alias of Shiro (white). Though the Yamabuki Squad improved greatly over time, Wataru praised them more for their camaraderie when they placed the wellbeing of their teammate above the challenge. Tragically, Kouga was forced to witness his brothers killed or devoured by the Horror Raizon. Watching his brothers-in-arms to die so early only further enraged Kouga and strengthened his resolve to become Garo.

Much of Kouga's teenage life is unclear, but it seems he devoted himself to refining his skills as a knight. He returned home and continued training until he was finally able to claim his title. He succeeded in lifting the sword out of the ground and was deemed worthy by guardian spirits within the Tower of Heroic Spirits to become the next Garo.

Chapter of The Black Wolf[]

Having killed a multitude of Horrors under the guidance of the Three Priestesses of the Eastern Watchdog Castle, Kouga's life changes when his mission to slay the Horror Anglay has him cross paths with Kaoru Mitsuki. Though he was supposed to kill her after her skin came in contact with Horror blood, Kouga spared her life while explaining to Zaruba of his intent to use the girl as bait for attracting Horrors. But over time, contending with both Horrors and Rei Suzumura, Kouga began to develop feelings for Kaoru as it appears her father met Taiga and created the incomplete picture book Black Flame and the Golden Knight. During an event where Horrors will be unable to travel to the human world, Kouga uses that time to visit Amon and engages the Makai Priest in a Barchess match. While Amon offers to help Kouga save Kaoru by fetching the Barankas fruit from the Crimson Forest, he gives the youth a revelation that Barago still lives and that events will soon unfold where Kouga must know who to truly trust.

After losing Kaoru's trust with a dying Haru revealed that he used her to get to the Horror, Kouga learns that Amon was being apparently killed by Jabi and that she stole twelve sealed Horror blades. But as he could not believe Jabi would kill Amon, Kouga learns his murderer was a Makai Knight as he ends up facing Rei before Jabi gets him and the captive Kaoru to safety. After Kouga wins back Kaoru's trust, he agrees to help Jabi send the blades to the Makai in return that she helps him get the Barankas fruit in Amon's place. But the interference of Kodama and the apparent death of Jabi causes Kouga and Rei to be overwhelmed by a giant Horror created from the Horror blades before it was absorbed by the Horror-eating Makai Knight responsible for Amon's death. Kouga is forced to travel to the Crimson Forest on his own and defeat Grou Dragon to win the Baranka fruit that he uses to save Kaoru.

But after an encounter with a revenge-driven Kamisugawa, Kouga learns that Kaoru has an Inga Gate tattooed on her neck as he is presented with a series of revelations that Barago masterminded recent events in a scheme to summon the Horror propagator Messiah. Furthermore, having long deluded himself into thinking that a Horror murdered his father, Kouga briefly questions himself while knowing his enemy is Barago as Rei joins forces with him to confront the Three Priestesses. However, unaware that the priestess were given a host body to leave their domain, Kouga learns too late that Barago captured Kaoru to begin the ritual to summon Messiah.

Driven to save Kaoru to the point of madness, Kouga is confronted by Kodama who drove him more to the deep end with remembering Jabi's demise to the point of assuming his Lost Soul Beast Garo form to slaughter Kodama before climbing up the building. Luckily, Rei manages to get through Kouga's mind and save him. While Rei deals with Gulm, Kouga confronts Barago before he ends up fighting Kaoru after Messiah possessed her body to devour the fallen Makai Knight for outliving his use to her. After he and Rei managed to knock the possessed Kaoru out, Kouga enters the Makai through a portal in Kaoru's subconscious to face Messiah in her domain. But Kouga is overpowered by Messiah and is overwhelmed by her Horror spawn as she begins her ascend to the Inga Gate. But Kaoru manages to give Kouga an advantage by transforming him into Tsubasabito Garo to ground Messiah, discarding his armor to land the deathblow while her guard is down. Kaoru manages to pull Kouga back to their reality when Messiah dissolves into a black vortex.

However, they are followed by Barago as he fully embraces being the Darkness Knight Kiba. Rei and Kouga couldn't summon their armors due to Kiba's influence, so Zaruba had Kouga throw him into the mystical tear to try to summon his armor. After an intense fight from the building tower to the docks, Kouga was finally able to summon his armor and deal the deathblow to kill Barago for good. But Kouga's victory came at a cost as Zaruba used all his energy to help Kouga summon his armor and dissolves after the fight. Later, after Zaruba is remade by another Watchdog, Kouga bids Kaoru farewell as she leaves for Italy to improve her artistic skills. Kaoru gives Kouga a finished copy of the Black Flame and the Golden Knight, with the illustration on the final page bringing Kouga to tears.

Beast of the Demon Night[]

Kouga has been patrolling in his new district and stalking a new target. Within a plaza, a young beautiful woman is being pulled away by a male thug, assuring her all he wants to do is "talk" to her. Unknown to him, he was being lured by the Horror Eruzu. Rin Yamagatana appeared and revealed her brush to the confused thug. It was then that Kouga appeared and warned the thug to run. Still confused as to what's happening, Kouga suggested the thug to run and chase after "human girls." Insulted, he tries to attack Kouga while still holding onto the girl; it was then Eruzu began to reveal herself.

While the thug attempted to hit Kouga, he was still tugging the "helpless" woman when she suddenly revealed surprising strength. The thug got spooked and both he and Rin stood next to Kouga for safety. Kouga used his lighter to reveal she's a Horror. Eruzu grew an extra pair of arms out of her eye sockets and took the lighter away. Freaked out, the thug runs for his life while Kouga protects him from being webbed down; Eruzu turns her attention to Rin. Kouga attempts to intervene, but Eruzu spits out a large webbing that gets his right arm and sword stuck. While attempting to break free, Eruzu tries to hunt and devour Rin. Kouga frees himself and protects Rin from harm. Tired of Kouga's interference, Eruzu transforms into her complete Horror form and the two take the battle to a parking lot.

At the parking lot, Eruzu manages to shoot a webbing that pushes Kouga up to the side of the building and tied him to the building. While stuck, Eruzu webs a car and flings it in attempts to crush Kouga. The car crashed into the side of the building where Kouga was tied down, but he managed to evade the attack and breaks free. Kouga then kicks the car loose to fly towards Eruzu mid-air for a final assault.

Eruzu fires a volley of projectiles and Kouga uses his scabbard to block the incoming attacks, but the car caught on fire. As the car burns, Kouga transforms into Garo and utilizes his falling speed make a charging slash attack to cut down Eruzu in half; it was not the end. The two chopped ends regenerated and now there are two Eruzus to contend with. Zaruba warns Kouga that Eruzu can only be destroyed by fire; cutting the Horrow will cause it to multiply. Garo pierced through Eruzu's head, where it contained his lighter and causing the Horror to burn. Taking advantage of his flaming sword, he cuts down the other half and ends the the terror of Eruzu.

After defeating Eruzu, Kouga retracts his armor. It was then that Zaruba faintly detects Horror's blood. Kouga quickly exposes Rin's use of Horror's blood and her Mahoui, revealing she's a trainee priestess of Kantai. Irritated at what Rin had done, he commands her to return to Kantai immediately; she refused. Rin angrily told Kouga that she had searched for him for many days and has a message from Priest Amon; Kouga was not amused and told her not to lie as Amon is dead and walks off. Rin defiantly exclaims that she's not lying as Amon revealed himself to her and mentioned their unfinished game of Bar-Chess as proof. Surprised of Rin knowing the private knowledge, Kouga started to take her seriously. Rin mentioned she was hungry and Kouga decided to take Rin back to the Saejima Estate to sort things out.

Gonza treated Rin with pudding (something she never tried, but quickly fell in love with). Because Zaruba lost his memories, he asked about Amon (his creator) since he doesn't remember him. Gonza and Kouga fills in Zaruba that Amon is a high-class priest and that Amon created Zaruba for Taiga Saejima before Kouga.

Refocusing on the matter at hand, Kouga asked Rin is she able to summon Amon. Rin confidently said that she brought all the necessary materials to perform a spiritual summon ceremony, but both Kouga and Gonza had their doubts. Eager to prove her competency, she tried a simple spell that backfired and it left a burned streak across the moonscape painting that Kaoru left for Kouga (it is very precious memento of their relationship). Rin attempted to try again, but Kouga was too angry at this point to be patient and took away her brush. However, Rin used a return spell and the brush forcefully pulled free and flew back into Rin's hand. She exclaimed that her brush is precious to her; Kouga had enough of her and walked off. Rin didn't think he had to be that angry, but Gonza corrected her and told her actions was serious.

Rin completed the summoning ceremony and calls forth Amon. Eager to test Kouga's reflexes, Amon attacks, but Kouga easily blocks it. Amon apologies for putting up a poor attack as his skills have dulled in the afterlife. Amon asked about Zaruba's well being, but Zaruba rudely said he doesn't remember him; Amon laughed and was fine with it. Amon then greeted Gonza, but pleasantries was short as the ceremony had a limited time. Amon got to the heart of his reason why he must speak to Kouga: Amon wants Kouga to rescue Jabi.

Jabi was thought to have died when Kodama launched a surprised attack that "killed" her, however, she's trapped in the spiritual realm. Jabi somehow survived the attack and is trapped within the Makai Beast, Miki, inside the Makai Forest. Trapped and in slumber, Miki somehow took hold of Jabi and evaded death; she won't awaken for another 200 years. Amon wants to take advantage of their strong bond to help awaken Jabi and have her return to the mortal realm. Kouga has his doubts, but Amon demonstrates how a spirit would look when one has lost their body and reaffirms that Jabi is alive and not a phantasm. Unfortunately, the ceremony had run its course, Amon welcomes the day they could continue their Bar Chess game, but hope it wouldn't be too soon and bids farewell. Kouga bows to Amon out of respect and thanked Rin to let him see Amon once more.

Kouga and the reluctant Rin enters Kantai to enter the Makai realm portal. As he entered Kouga was involved in an altercation between Tsubasa and his two disciples. Tsubasa (Rin's older brother and a knight) was critical of Kouga's intentions and scolds Rin for getting involved in the matter, but Priestess Garai permitted entrance. As Kouga enters the Makai realm to save Jabi from the Makai beast, Rin must keep the portal open or Kouga will be lost forever.

As Kouga defeats the illusions the Makai beast has thrown, Kouga faces the beasts' ultimate form and forces Kouga to transform into GARO, riding in with Gouten. Kouga eventually awakens Jabi from her slumber within the beast and Kouga summons GARO-ZEN-BA-KEN to slay the Makai beast and spirits Jabi back to the living, where Rin has kept the pathway open despite how frightening the situation was.

After Jabi has been resurrected, she trains Rin in her Makai magic skills. Priestess Garai reflects her memories with Kouga over the Saejima family happily together before the couple's death and orphaning Kouga. Kouga receives an Orders Document about Legules' impending arrival and prepares for a counter-offensive with everyone. Priestess Garai explains that the White Night ritual is meant to keep the world whole by shooting the Phosphorus Arrow into the eclipse portal, but if the process was stained with innocent blood then the ritual will be a dark one that would revive Legules' legion.

Tsubasa wasn't pleased to know Jabi was brought back to life, claiming her to be undead. Jabi forces Tsubasa to feel her breast and breath to make him understand she's very much alive. After that argument was settled, they went to examine the Phosphorus Arrow in preparation for the White Night ritual that Legules has come to ruin. Jabi discovers the arrow's power has diminished and needs to be replenished. In between that time Rei, Kouga, and Tsubasa guards Kantai until the ritual starts. During nightfall Legules attacked, but failed. Unknown to the group, he left part of himself inside Goruba (Tsubasa's sentient bracelet) and patiently waited for his chance to strike.

The attack left Rin injured with dark energies flowing within her. Jabi opted to use a risky purification technique to save her, the process worked. After Tsubasa made his mends with Jabi and Rin, Legules appeared and stolen the Phosphorus Arrow along with kidnapping Rin. The group entered Naraku Forrest to save Rin and prevent the Phosphorus Arrow be tainted with innocent blood. As everyone fought their way in, Kouga faced Legules with the assistance of Jabi. The duo was losing, and to make matters worse, Legules taken a powerful beast Horror form. Kouga transformed into GARO and was caught in Legules attack when Kouga used the Phosphorus Arrow to purify his body and taken a new powerful form of GARO. The Phosphorus Arrow transformed into a spear and GARO thrust the arrow to kill Legules, completing the White Night ritual at the same time. With Legules's death,his minions were gone and Kantai was restored to peace. In the aftermath, Jabi stays in Kantai to look after Rin and Rei heads back to his district post as Kouga returns home to find Kaoru waiting for him in the yard after restoring the damaged painting.

Red Requiem[]

Sometime later welcoming Kaoru home, Kouga received orders from the Watch Dogs to hunt the Apostle Horror Karma. Kouga's search takes him to a city from his past, meeting Akaza and saving his team of Makai Priests from the cannibalistic Apostle Horror Babel. Though Kouga and Akaza's group have a common enemy in Karma, he finds opposition from the Makai Priestess Rekka who is revealed to be Kengi's daughter and has a personal vendetta against the Horror for killing her father. Tracking down Karma and her servants to their lair in a nightclub called Crime was a difficult task, as Akaza was bribed by Karma with a mirror that allows him to see his family again, but the more difficult challenge is entering Karma's mirror realm to regain the stolen Garo armor and return to the real world. An alternative was to use the Demon Sword of Rubis (a blade made with Horror fangs) as it is the only item that grants entry to Karma's realm to kill her and safely exit without harm.

However, Karma and her Horrors would later occupy an abandoned building as they lure the group into a trap with Akaza and Shiguto containing the evil as Kouga and Rekka battled through the building to locate Karma with the latter taking out Shion. During their battle, Rekka faced and killed Shion. She then found Karma's mirror and alerted Kouga. The two then fight Kurusu and managed to use the Demon Sword to enter Karma's realm, with Kouga regaining the Garo armor to destroy the Horror before facing Karma in what quickly becomes a losing battle. However, with Akaza sacrificing himself to enter Karma's realm to give the woman her flute, Rekka rallies the souls of the Makai warriors Karma killed over the years to give Kouga the power to destroy Karma as Dragon Formation Garo. With his mission over, Kouga leaves for home as Rekka gives him a Small Makai Dragon in case he needs her assistance at a later date.

Makai Flash Knight[]

After being promoted to the personal Makai Knight of the Senate for his vanquishing of the Apostle Horrors, answering to Grace, Kouga Saejima is assigned the task to slay the Horror Cigarein. In the aftermath, Kouga finds himself attacked by a mysterious figure in a red mask who branded him with a Seal of Destruction, giving him little time to live. With the genius Makai Priest Leo Fudō assisting him in dealing with the Horrors while hiding his affliction from Kaoru. While escorting the arrogant Makai Priest Ratess as he is transporting the pelt of a Spirit Beast so the material can be used to make more Madō Brushes, Kouga realizes it is a trap as he faces the red-masked figure who reveals his desire to return to the Makai Order to how it was before the Makai Knights came to be. Though Kouga attempts to have the Rekka's gift pursue the red-masked man, the Small Makai Dragon that Zaruba named "Kaoru" was dispatched by her quarry.

Later, Kouga takes Kaoru and Gonza on a picnic during his visit to the Tower of Heroic Spirits to undergo a cleansing of the Inga that he accumulated from his battles. It was soon after that Kouga finds himself facing Zaji, an accumulation of the revenge-driven spirits of the many Horrors that he and his predecessors have slain. Kouga manages to defeat Zazi by damaging the statue that the entity emerged from to restore the proper flow of time. Under the statue's face, Kouga and Kaoru notice ancient Makai writing that Zaruba translates to say "When the protector finds a light worth protecting, an ordeal will begin", implying that Kouga was being tested as a result of his attachment to Kaoru.

After enlisting Jabi's help to take Zaruba to be restored at the Life-Circulating Waterfall within the Jewel Forest, warned by her not to trust Makai Priests after her encounter with the red-masked man, Kouga learns his mentor Wataru attacked Tsubasa. But it turned out that Wataru was under the influence of the red-masked man's enchantment as Kouga and Tsubasa work together to free him. Soon after, Wataru recognizes Kouga as his former student and parts on good terms. While helping Rei track down was is later revealed to be a Gōryū with the vague aura of a Horror, Kouga confronts the red-masked man before being shocked to find Leo's face behind the mask. Despite how it looked, with a conflict between Makai Knights and Makai Priests rising, Kouga expresses his doubts about Leo's treachery and learns that someone erased the Makai genealogy records. It was while pursuing Ratess when he is revealed to be the red-masked man's spy within the Senate walls, Kouga sees Leo facing the mysterious figure while revealing himself to be a Makai Knight. After the red-masked man ran off, Kouga learns the truth from Leo that their enemy is the latter's older twin brother Sigma Fudō and is acting on a plan to create ultimate Gōryū, Magōryū Idea, to permanently eliminate the Horror blight with the power of the Horror Gyanon at using impure humans as fuel.

Sigma later makes a public announcement for all Makai Knights to either renounce their titles and give up their Makai armor or face death from their Seals of Destruction, with the exception of Kouga for his continued interference. But this turned out to be a trap to gather the Makai Knights in one place and trap them in a barrier so his spell can take effect while he uses the key to the Madō Train he took from Ratess to reach the True Makai to create Idea there. Left with no choice, Kouga makes a contract with Gajari to be teleported to the Madō Train to aid Leo as they manage to derail the Madō Train while breaking Sigma's spell. But Sigma reveals he has a backup plan as he has Kouga assimilated into Gyanon's corpse as he begins a ritual in Amber Rock Valley dig site opens a gateway to the True Makai while beginning to fashion Idea. Luckily, a group composed by Rei, Leo, Rekka, Jabi, Kaoru, and Gonza arrive at the Amber Rock Valley to free Kouga as Sigma takes his creation into the True Makai to complete it.

But in an unexpected turn of events, Sigma revived Gyanon as he absorbed the Makai Priest before converting Idea into an extension of himself to lead an army of Horrors into the human world. Luckily, every Makai Knight and Makai Priest arrives to fend off the Horrors as Kouga destroys the bodiless Gyanon after Idea is completely destroyed. Despite the victory, Kouga needed to honor his contract with Gajari to reclaim a part of the entity, the Fang of Sorrow, within the Promised Land. After bidding goodbye to his friends, Kouga was about to say his farewells to Kaoru. But he finds a dying Sigma, who escaped Gyanon's body at the last second, and engages the powerless man in a final battle. Though he initially held back, Kouga reveals that they met as children in Makai Knight training and must cut him down to honor their promise and kills Sigma as his manor breaks apart. Kouga forms the Garo armor around himself and Kaoru to save the latter, telling her must leave but promises to return once finishing his contract. Before he goes, Kouga bids Kaoru farewell with a final kiss before leaving her to be found by Gonza.

Lament of the Dark Dragon[]

During the events, Lament of the Dark Dragon, Kouga arrives in the Promised Land and finds himself without his coat and Zaruba while witnessing his Garoken transformed into the Red Dog. Meeting a mysterious girl named Meru, Kouga learns the Promised Land is home to objects that have been lost in the human world and have become anthropomorphic beings. After finding Zaruba, Kouga then meets Kiria and finds himself facing the Promised Land's despot Judam as she and the rogue Kakashi are fighting over which of them would become the legendary dragon of destruction known as the Maryu. Kouga makes a truce with Kakashi to save Meru when Judam intends to sacrifice her at the Seas of Lamentation so she can become the Maryu to extract her revenge on humanity. After saving Kakashi while reclaiming his coat and blade, Kouga attempts to reason with Judam before she merged with the Maryu scale to become the Maryu. With Kakashi sacrifice his life energies to give the Makai Knight the strength to destroy the Maryu, Kouga manages to reach the dying Judam to forgive humanity. Soon after making his peace with the dying Kakashi, revealed to be a training dummy from his day as a child, Kouga passed Gajari's rest by having understood the dream-based symbiosis between the Makai Knights and Gajari. Before returning to his world, Kouga reveals that he knew Meru is his Makai Dragon Kaoru as she reverts to her true form to join him. Sometime after, learning of a competition in his absence and facing Rei, Kouga finds Kaoru at the park in the aftermath of her book's successful launch.

Saejima Kouga[]

About 6 years has passed and Kouga and Kaoru had a son, Raiga. While painting one day, Kuromaru (from the Promised Land) appeared before Kaoru and took her brush and fled back to his realm through a portal. Kaoru gave chase and disappeared from the mortal realm. After realizing Kaoru's disappearance, Kouga tells Silver Knight Zero that he intends to find his wife. However, this trip is a one-way journey as there's no way back. Kouga still wants to find his wife but Rei stands in his way. To prevent Kouga from leaving, the two had a duel and Rei lost. Because it was a battle between friends, Kouga went easy on him. A black Small Makai Dragon appears and Rei explains Rekka gave this tracker to help him on his quest. As for Raiga, Kouga expects Rei to honor his end to train Raiga on his 10th Birthday if he doesn't return and departs.

Traversing through the Promised Land and with the help of the object spirits, they help guide Kouga to Kaoru. Unfortunately, a remnant of Kiba survived in this realm and now holds Kaoru hostage to face Garo. Kouga found Kiba and fought him in mortal combat. Garo Vs Kiba, both sides fought evenly until Kiba used his powers to unleash a dragon form. To counter Kiba, Kouga's will and the spirit objects combined their energies to make Garo stronger by transforming his armor into a massive flying shield to clash with Kiba. Garo defeated the remnant and returned to see Kuromaro. Just then, a flood of images appear before them and Zaruba explains that Eyrith has unleashed her powers through time and space and knights throughout time face her. However, Kaoru and Kouga saw a future where Raiga lost and died to Eyrith because he never inherited the Garo armor and forced to use a Steel Armor instead. Unwilling to let such an event happen, Kouga had Kuromaro open a portal to send Zaruba back to Raiga to aide him to become the next Garo.

The Makai Flower[]

Events in this timeline played out differently than the events of Saejima Kouga. One sunny day, Kouga is taking a walk with the family through a park when one of Eyrith's time dimensional portals appeared. Kaoru was holding hands with Raiga when the portal took hold of her. Little Raiga tried to hold onto his mother, but the portals strength was too great for a child and Kouga lost his wife into the unknown. Unwilling to lose Kaoru, Kouga decided to follow her.

Before leaving, Kouga asked Rei to train Raiga if he couldn't be there for him upon his 10th birthday. At the late of the night, Kouga bid farewell to Raiga. He vowed he'll return with Kaoru and asked for Raiga to believe in him and wait for him before going into the portal. News of Kouga won't be heard in many years to come, Raiga would come to believe his parents are both dead.

Honoring his word, the silver knight accepted Raiga as his disciple. Once Raiga reached to adulthood and completed his training, he appeared before the Tower of Heroic Spirits to be deemed worthy to succeed as the next Garo. To his surprise, he was denied because Kouga still lives. However, Kouga willingly passed the armor over to Raiga knowing he'll need it in his most desperate hour against Eyrith.

Makai Tales[]

An a multi-verse cross-over event, Eyrith's power re-awakened Zaji once again. With the power to travel across space and time, Zaji's primary opponent had always been with Kouga as Garo. With Kouga still searching for Kaoru away from his universe, Zaji couldn't find Kouga. He decided to pull an interdimensional abduction by taking Rekka and Rian (from the Ryūga-verse) out of their respective dimensions and into a void dimension. Zaji sensed the priestesses carried the same light as Garo and intend to slay them both until Kouga intervened.

Zaji defeated the priestesses, Rekka was knocked out and Rian tried to shield Rekka from Zaji's saber when Garo appeared. Riding in with Gouten, Garo charged in and quickly dispatched Zaji. In the aftermath, Rian mentioned that Kouga isn't her world's Garo. While Kouga healed Rekka, Rian encouraged him to give her a hug after all she went through. However, Kouga revealed he's not really present with them; he's remains lost in between dimensions. When Rian asked why she was lost in between worlds, he reasoned there's something he must do. Without Zaji's influence, everyone was about to head back to their respective worlds. Before he left, Kouga had Rian relay the message that he'll be back. Rian would wake him just in time to see Kouga leave and Rian delivered Kouga's parting message.

Moonbow Traveler[]

A remnant of Barago survived against his battle with Kouga and wishes to harm Raiga. After Garo defeated Ruto, Barago possessed a dead woman's body and used it to corrupt the Garo armor without him realizing. It was while walking home with Mayuri the corruption took hold. The golden armor suddenly appeared and began devouring Raiga. The devouring didn't corrupt him, but the armor seemingly became petrified and imprisoned Raiga within Garo; it sent him wandering in the abyss of death.

Because Raiga wasn't aware what was happening, he was under the impression he was on a mission to save Mayuri from Shiroku aboard a black train that transports the dead. Kouga had a communication device to connect to Taiga in the land of the dead. From there, Taiga took the form of Baderu in attempt to dissuade him from continuing on his journey or he risks death. Motivated to save Mayuri, Raiga ignored Baderu's warnings and pressed on. Because Raiga never met his grandfather (Taiga), Kouga believes his appearance is the only way to change his mind. Unfortunately, by visiting the land of the dead, it will shorten Kouga's life.

After Raiga defeated Shiroku, Raiga realized he never left the station and witnessed the souls of the dead crossing over. It was then Kouga appeared before him and explained what's really happening to him. Back in the living, Raiga's trapped body was sent back to the Saejima estate where Crow used a spell to separate Raiga from his armor. The act was able to help bring Raiga back from death. On Raiga's side, Kouga encouraged Raiga to follow the white light but Shiroku intervenes once again. Shiroku created a new space within the realm of the dead and attempts to kill Raiga. Kouga took on Shiroku and sent Raiga back to the living. After Raiga awakened, he realized the corruption within his armor is a trojan horse to infiltrate the Tower of Heroic Spirits. Still battling Shiroku in the land of the dead, Shiroku knows Kouga's presence is merely a spirit and not strong enough to take him out. Shiroku repelled Kouga and sent him back to his current dimension.

The Tower of Heroic Spirits limits only the title bearer of Garo to enter and the armor itself. Barago intentionally corrupted the armor so that his dark powers can directly enter the tower and exploit its power. He created a large floating castle (created from dark energies) and have it sit on top of the tower and dispatched his dark small makai dragons to petrify all victims in frozen time. Using the last of Rekka's power, Kouga had his black Small Makai Dragon open a portal for him to battle Shiroku in the flesh.

Raiga knew his father was in trouble and attempted to enter the castle. Because the castle is made of dark energy, Raiga was unable to penetrate through the dark shielding to enter it. Not willing to watch his father fight alone against Shiroku, Raiga summoned Gajari to make a deal with him: Gajari will help teleport Raiga into the castle in exchange to take on any ordeal is given to him. Gajari agreed and told him he'll be an interdimensional traveler and mend all the cracks of time (likely caused by Eyrith).

Kouga fought Shiroku and was knocked to the side of the building. However, he recovered and found Shiroku sitting on his throne. From there, Shiroku revealed he's merely a puppet for his master: Barago. Shiroku's body was vanished and was replaced with Barago. Kouga and Barago quickly engaged in sword combat, but because of Barago's supernatural speed and strength, Barago was able to pin Kouga until Raiga appeared to help him. With father and son together, Barago credits Raiga for his rebirth.

Barago explains he was resting in nothingness when he heard a child's cry. Hearing the birth of Raiga awakened him and he has traveled between corpses in hopes he'll have the chance to put an end to the lineage of Garo. Both Kouga and Raiga engaged Barago in combat, but even in two vs one, Barago was still superior in combat. Barago then summoned a legion of Horrors to attack the duo. Crow attempted to help, but the castle's barrier prevents him from entering. Just as the two become overwhelmed with Horrors, Taiga arrives to help them. Now all three generations of Saejima clan face Barago.

Even in a battle of 3 vs 1, Barago was still a formidable match. He was able defend himself against three of the strongest knights of their time. Crow managed to break the dark magical barrier, but Kiba quickly defeated him and had Crow frozen in time. With all 3 knights temporarily knocked down, Barago took advantage to summon his Kiba armor, but also summon the Ouga armor. Barago has devoured the heroic spirits in order to summon the strongest armor to merge with it to become Kiba Ouga.

With the barrier preventing them to summon the Garo armor, the trio struggled to resist Kiba Ouga's attacks. However, Mayuri and Kaoru's spirit delivered a flower filled of hope. It was this hope that allowed the Garo armor to be summoned through the barrier. The three of them would take turns and triple-teaming in using the armor to help them defeat Kiba Ouga. After several critical blows through the armor, the Ouga armor separated from Kiba. Shocked that a single armor could do that much, the trio explained that the Garo holds onto the feelings and hopes of the people it touches. Enraged, Kiba tries to charge for another attack, but the trio took turns with the armor to make finishing blows to end Barago once and for all.

In the aftermath, Taiga complemented on Kouga's and Raiga's strength. Taiga vowed to always watch over them and both father and son bowed to Taiga as he vanished. Kouga would remind Raiga of his promise to return to him with Kaoru back one day. No longer willing to wait for his father's return, Raiga vowed to come see him and Kaoru one day. Kouga would leave to another dimension, telling his son they'll meet again. Raiga thought it was time to honor his end of the deal with Gajari. Surprised, Gajari informed him the contract has already been fulfilled.

Gajari explained that Kouga took his place. Over 20 years ago, Kouga sought help from the heroic spirits in hopes to find a lead to find Kaoru. During that search, Kouga caught a glimpse of Raiga's future and learned about his contract with Gajari. Kouga reached out to Gajari and agreed to take Raiga's place when the day comes; it gave Raiga the chance to live his life. Touched by his father's actions, Raiga is determined to reunite with his parents once again.


  • Makai Knight Training: As befitting of his position as a Senatorial Knight & his title of Golden Knight, Kouga was without question the greatest makai knight of his era. Kouga has slan many powerful horrors in his time including Messiah the Mother of All Horror.


  • Zaruba: His Madōgu.
  • Garoken (牙狼剣, Garōken, Fanged Wolf Sword): Kouga's makai blade in the form of a jian that when transformed takes the form of a longsword.
    • Garo Zanbaken (牙狼斬馬剣, Garōzanbaken, Fanged-Wolf Horse-Slaying Sword): An upgraded form of the Garoken which accessible via aid from Gōten. The Makai Blade takes the form of a double-edged greatsword which blade has a round tip and roughly the size of a car bumper, signifying the increased attack power and range that it enables Garo to cut through the durable hide of a powerful Horror on a whim. Despite the increased size, it doesn't hamper Kouga in any way since the weapon is made of Soul Metal.
      • Dai Garo Zanbaken (大牙狼斬馬剣, Dai Garō Zanbaken, Big Fanged-Wolf Horse-Slaying Sword): The second upgrade of Garoken with the aid of Gōten. This form is similar to Garo Zanbaken, but with both size and attack power increased to ridiculous proportions that allow even Gōten to surf with it. As with the previous upgrade, this upgrade is accessible with aid of Gōten.
    • Garo Armor: Kouga inherited the Garo armor from his father before his death, but his eyes the eyes on the armor changes into a green color.






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Concept Art[]


  • Kouga is never seen laughing in the entirety of the Garo franchise.
  • Kouga does not like red sake. [2]
  • In the events of Lament of the Dark Dragon, Kouga was called as the 'true' Fang of Sorrow, however, not only a secondary title, it is also a moniker name for Garo's armor that gives hope to Jinkai.