Portrayed By:
  • Shogen
  • KIA - Killed by Ring
  • Unknown
  • Iyu (Wife|KIA)
    • Yuna (Daughter|Alive)

Kurōdo (クロウド) was a Makai Knight featured in ZERO: Black Blood. Husband to Makai Priestess Iyu and father to Yuna, he was murdered by the White Horror Ring. Yuna would later take the remains of his right arm and fuse it into her hand to allow her to instantly wield Kurōdo's sword, but she has yet to fully master it.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Little is known about Kurōdo, due to his brief appearance. It was never mentioned was he a titled knight or not, only that he was a skilled swordsman. It has been implied later that he is part of a titled knight's bloodline.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Makai Knight Training: Given his ability to corner Ring, it seems that he is rather skilled as a Makai Knight.

Equipment Edit

  • Makai Blade: Kurōdo wielded a jian type makai blade that was inherited by his daughter after this death.


Early DaysEdit

Kurōdo became a makai knight, but it's unclear if he inherited a title. He eventually met and married Priestess Iyu and the couple would later have their daughter, Yuna. Wanting Yuna to be strong in combat, Kurōdo trained Yuna in the ways of a makai knight.

Black BloodEdit

He trained Yuna to fight from a young age, something Iyu was not so happy about. When Iyu presumably perished, he took care of Yuna on her own and presumably without giving her further training on Makai magic.

Losing Iyu & Partnering with CainEdit

Death & AftermathEdit

On the night where he and Cain are supposedly off to fight Ring for the last time, Iyu showed up unexpectedly beside Ring. Shaken and confused, he prevented Cain from landing a hit on Ring which can potentially get Iyu in the crossfire, a chance Ring used to deal a fatal blow, before throwing another that severed his arm holding his sword. He died in despair without finding out what happened to his wife. A bone from his severed arm, an amulet he wore on his hand and his sword was all that was left of him from that fight.



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