Kusugami Clan
Kusugami crest GARO
Kusugami Clan Sigil
Aguri Kusugami Running Archery GARO
Aguri refining his archery skills

Kusugami Clan is a clan of Makai Archers featured in Ryugaverse series. The most well-known member of this clan is Aguri Kusugami, the clan's champion and the current Gai the Sky Bow Knight.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

The Kusugami Clan is a prestigious clan in the Makai world, famed for their Kusugami-style archery techniques. Their lifestyle is not explored much in the series, but through Aguri, it appeared that they are highly respected and have influence in Makai world to some degree. The clan developed specialized bows, arrows, and archery techniques suitable in combating horrors. Their said reputation was the very reason why Makai Priest Burai enlisted Aguri Kusugami, the current Gai the Sky Bow Knight, in the mission at Volcity.

Kusugami-style are archery techniques, developed for support and long-range combat against Horrors. Such techniques include rapidly firing arrows while running and evading attacks in succession, nailing the target despite the arrows' path impeded by obstacles (like debris and buildings). Bows and arrows of the Kusugami Clan developed are also designed to harm Horrors and can be infused with qi (life energy) and spells to increase its effectiveness in firepower and range as well as bending fired arrows' trajectory to better hitting targets.


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Notes & TriviaEdit

  • In Fang of God, Aguri revealed that the first Makai Knights, plausibly from Kusugami Clan, actually uses bows and arrows made of Soul Metal prior to development of Makai Armors.


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