Lara is a young girl who León Luís met and befriends with in events of GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames.

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Lara is a girl in a farm village. Her family finds León after his failed suicide attempt and takes him in, offering him food and a bed in exchange for his help around the farm. Lara becomes attached to León despite his reluctance to open up, but her family's welcoming warmth and her cheerful optimism manage to help him start breaking out of his loner attitude. She and her entire family are later killed in a Horror attack, Lara herself dying in León's arms. León buries her on a hill near the farm where she claimed white.

Though died at hands of a Horror, bonds that Léon made with her, as well as her death allowed Léon to find more noble purpose as Makai Knight and conquering his inner demon. As true Makai Knight, Léon become determined to ensure everyone's future and dreams, things that Horror taken away from Lara.



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