León Luís is a Makai Knight and Garo the Golden Knight in The Carved Seal of Flames and Divine Flame. He's the son of Makai Knight Zoro, Germán Luís, and cousin to Prince Alfonso San Valiante, Stronghold Knight Gaia.


León was born from his mother while she was being burned alive as one of the many Makai Alchemists and Makai Knights living in the Valiante Kingdom who have fallen victim to Mendoza's revenge-driven genocide, cleverly masked as a witch hunt. León was saved by the magic placed on him by his mother Anna before he was saved from the flames by his father Germán Luis. Though German managed to get León out of Valiante, the memory of his mother's death remained with León through his nightmares due to the residual spell his mother cast leaving a mark on his right arm that causes flames to appear whenever he is in emotional distress.

León spent the first years of his life training with only the thought of vengeance in his mind. Eventually, León is allowed to make the journey to Valiante with the intention to face his mother's killer in the capital city of Santa Bard. On the way, León acquires Zaruba who acts to control León's flames and keep him stable. However, meeting his cousin Alfonso San Valiante as they face their common enemy, León loses control as he becomes a Lost Soul Beast before being defeated and relieved of his armor.

Believing Mendoza to have died, León believes that he lost his purpose without the Garo title and attempted to commit suicide. However, he was found by a farm girl named Lara who brings him to her family's home where he would work as a farmhand. At first, León decided to remain among the common folk. However, he was unable to keep Lara and her family from being killed by the Horror Grand-Magus. Determined to become stronger and finally having the will to protect people, León was able to eventually face his inner demons and resolved to become Garo once again. He challenges Alfonso for the title and finally inherits the Makai Armor properly.

After learning of Mendoza's survival and the apparent betrayal of his father, León journeys back to the Valiante kingdom, where he confronted Germán and subsequently lost to him in a duel. León would recover, determined to protect the people of the kingdom, and made it back to the Valiante palace, finally able to confront Mendoza. León defeats Mendoza, while also learning that his flames weren't a curse, but a blessing that his mother gave him as her symbol of love and protection. With peace back in the Valiante Kingdom, León continues his duties as a Makai Knight, while also taking care of and training his younger half-brother Roberto to inherit their late father's title.



  • Makai Knight Training: León is a well-trained knight, who has been rigorously trained by his father since childhood to inherit the title of Garo, his skill is notable in that he is one of the only knights in the franchise to obtain full knighthood while still a teenager.


  • Zaruba: His Madōgu.
  • Garoken (牙狼剣, Garōken, Fanged Wolf Sword): A sword wielded by all Golden Knights.
    • Garo Armor: Donning the armor of Garo the Golden Knight, León Luís possesses all the strengths and weaknesses of his predecessors that include the 99.9-second time limit.




  • León is the very first Golden Knight to ever completely lose his title and right to wear the Garo armor at one point in the series and then have to earn the armor and title back.
    • The aforementioned fact, coupled with his character development throughout The Carved Seal of Flames brought minor but apparent controversy among fans, especially those who yet to familiar with the overall lore of Garo series. To elaborate, some hated how León was brought so low after following his struggles and criticized Alphonso for confiscating his Golden Armor since the Armor was his (León's) only real connection to his dead mother. Even so, other viewers rightfully pointed out Alfonso did what he had to do since León was not mentally ready for his duty as a proper protector at that time (León's judgement as a Makai Knight was too clouded by his rage and lust for vengeance to the point of Anna's Seal of Protective Flames place on him sporadically aflame out of control, the same issue that Mendoza exploited it to a disastrous effect).
    • Another minor controversy regarding the character was his unexpected one-night stand with Ema Guzmán after helping the latter putting her husband out of his misery and brief subsequent romance. The reason of this was because the two barely had noticeable development in their relationships prior and in lesser extent, fans' insistence of Lara meant to be León's love interest as opposed of catalyst for his eventual development into a true protector Alfonso and Germán wished him to be.
  • León is the first known Golden Knight who entered Garo's Spiritual realm, which then followed by his modern day successor and possible descendant Sword.

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