Leo Fudō (布道 レオ, Fudō Leo) is a Makai Priest and Makai Knight in the events of Makai Flash Knight. He's a priest prodigy and nicknamed the second coming of Amon for his creation of the Gōryū. His successes promoted him to be a priest of the Senate and personal assistant to Kouga Saejima. It was only later that he is revealed to be Lord the Flash Knight, wielder of the Makai Armor Lord and Madō Ring Eruba.


Leo is the chosen successor of Lord the Flash Knight. Trained to be a Makai Knight along with his elder twin brother, Sigma Fudō, Leo always believed Sigma's greater combat talents would default him as heir to Lord. Sigma encouraged Leo to explore magic with him and the two studied magic in secret. As both looks towards the future, Sigma welcomes Leo as his future support priest once he becomes Lord. However, it was an unexpected turn when their father, Gōki Fudō, chose Leo instead. Gōki chose Leo as his successor because he has the heart of the protector; Sigma didn't have that quality. Unable to accept his role as a knight, Leo pursued a life of priesthood until a fateful encounter with Sigma once more

Sigma returned to Leo after both had become accomplished priests. Ambitious with his creation, Idea, Sigma teamed up with Priestess Mio (Sigma's girlfriend, but also Leo's love interest) to help bring his creation to life. However, when Mio discovered Sigma's dark experiments, she tried to stop him at the cost of her life. Holding her lifeless body, Leo kept Mio's brush and vowed to stop his brother; he chose to handle this matter privately as he feels responsible for Sigma.

With the success of his Gōryū, Leo became a prominent priest of the Senate and a personal support priest for Garo. However, in secret, Leo was discreetly tracking his brother. Because nobody knew the Red Mask was really Sigma, Leo got in trouble for Sigma's actions as everyone suspected Leo instead of Sigma. It wasn't until when Leo finally embraced being Lord and openly resisted Sigma that Leo exonerated himself. After accepting his knighthood and helped in destroying Idea, Leo found closure to Mio's death after she appeared before him in happiness for his efforts. Leo continues to serve the Senate as the only Priest Knight and has become an inspiration to priests that also wants to become a knight.


The Path to Knighthood & Inheriting Lord[]

Since they were little, Leo and Sigma were harshly trained by their father, Gōki Fudō, to compete for the title of Flash Knight Lord. However, despite being twins, Sigma had always been clearly the better fighter and both brothers assumed that Sigma would become Lord and Leo would lose the title. Leo never felt embittered by it and fully supported his brother to become Lord. However, their interests would change after being exposed to magic.

Despite the harshness of their training, Sigma always loved his brother and introduced him to magic. Somewhere in between training, Sigma showed Leo how to do magic. Eventually, Leo believed he would be better to serve his brother as his support priest; Leo double-majored in magical arts along with his knight training. Upon the day Sigma would inherit his birthright, everything changed for both of them.

Gōki realized that despite Sigma's talents, he had a dark nature about him that didn't suit him as Lord; he decided to make Leo his successor instead. However, both brothers were upset at the decision. Sigma was enraged that Gōki denied him his right to become a knight and even attacked his father in rage to demand an explanation. Leo was caught in the middle of all this as he insisted Sigma should be the successor instead of himself. After Sigma left, both Leo and Gōki clashed over this matter and Gōki explained Sigma didn't have the heart of a protector and his decision on making him Lord was final. Not long after, Gōki died, making Leo his surviving successor; both brothers would walk the path as priests.

Sigma's Return & Mio's Death[]

Several years after Gōki's death, Leo crafted his first prototype gōryū. It was also this time that Sigma would return from seclusion. Sigma had partnered with priestess Mio (childhood love interest and Sigma's girlfriend) and Sigma came to catch up with Leo. Originally, Leo wanted to return the Lord armor to Sigma, but he no longer wanted it. Sigma came to show Leo that he already designed the ultimate gōryū that can stop the Horror threat once and for all. Sigma revealed his creation, Magōryū Idea, a powerful gōryū that Sigma claim can destroy horrors and stop gateways, creating an effective solution to end the horror threat once and for all. However, the unit required a great energy source in order to run the machine; both Mio and Sigma would leave on a quest to find that power source. Eventually, Mio discovered a means to create a powerful energy source to take on the horrors: a horrors core and human souls. Discovered from a magic tome, the book describes that by harnessing souls, it can create great power.

GARO: Makai Flash Knight[]

Leo first appeared as an already established Makai Priest from the Senate, assigned to be Kouga Saejima's aide, when the latter was promoted as a Senatorial Knight. The two initially started on a rough note when Kouga found out that the Gouryu's AI is powered by a reprogrammed Horror, warning Leo about the dangers of using such methods. Despite the mishap involving a Colt that went berserk, both Knights learned to work well with each other and became an effective team in their missions. Leo's status as Kouga's partner also allowed him to meet some of the Golden Knight's associates, especially with Kaoru Mitsuki, whom he treats kindly and has also developed a close bond with.

Leo first showed his skills as a Makai Knight in front Kaoru, when the two were confronted by a Madou Beast, defeating it with a sacred sword. Leo asks Kaoru not to tell anyone about his swordsmanship, especially to Kouga. When Sigma was first unmasked and his face revealed, the Senate thought that Leo had betrayed the Makai Community, due to their uncanny resemblance, and ordered Kouga to apprehend him, though the Makai Knight still had his doubts. Regardless, he still tried to pursue him but was weakened by the effects of the Seal of Destruction. It is here that Leo arrives to confront his brother and was then forced to reveal himself as the Makai Knight Lord, while also revealing his connection with Sigma. Afterward, Leo tries to reason with his brother, but Sigma simply brushes off his pleas.

Leo once again confronts Sigma inside the Madou Train and while he tries to hand the Lord Armor to his twin, Sigma simply rejects and disowns Leo as his brother. Left with no choice, Leo fights Sigma, but the fallen priest easily bests his brother and was only defeated when Kouga intervened. Leo would once again battle his brother inside the awakened Magouryu Idea, this time assisted by Wataru Shijima and Rei Suzumura, although they would be knocked back from the giant mechanical beast by a reawakened Gyanon. Leo was one of the Knights that finally destroyed the giant Horror by planning and executing the use of spiritual arrows, using both the powers of Makai Knights and Makai Priests to fell the beast.

Leo was also present when a dying Sigma invades the Saejima household and plans to fight his brother, but Kouga stops him since it was his job to "keep his promise to a friend."

GARO: Makai Tales[]

Leo Fudou appears in Garo: Makai Retsuden in the episode The Path of the Knight, sending Yuna and Cain to an unknown location as a test to see their abilities. He initially bests Cain in battle, with the priest not knowing who he is, and then saves Yuna from the attack of a Tekki. Leo praises the young priestess as worthy of being both a Makai Knight and Makai Priest and asks her to join the Senate. Yuna declines the offer, and Leo leaves, having accepted her answer.


  • Makai Knight Training: Originally trained to be a knight, Leo was privately trained by his father, Gōki Fudō. While not as strong as Sigma, his combat abilities are on par with the top knights.
  • Makai Priest Training: Although a knight, Leo walked away from knighthood and started anew with magical training. Leo quickly excelled and became so talented that he has earned the moniker The second coming of Amon. within the Order.
    • Teleportation: Like Sigma, Leo mastered the ability to instantly transport himself at short distances. However, he can't do it as fast as Sigma.
    • Alchemy: Leo has the ability to manipulate matter and re-purpose them on a small scale. He used this technique to convert Horror remains and made it into an energy system for his Gōryū.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Leo can build advance machines in addition to his magical and alchemy abilities. He created the Gōryū to help priests have a magical tool strong enough to defeat low-level Horrors.


  • Madō Ring Eruba: Leo's Madōgu.
  • Madō Brush: The object Leo use's to channel his magic & cast spells. By the time of Makai Retsuden Leo has fused his Madō Brush & Makai Blade into once.
  • Gōryū: A mechanical creature created by the Fudō Twins to aid Makai Priests in combat against Horrors.
    • Colt: The Prototype of Gōryū used by Leo.
  • Lord Sword: His jian type makai blade that takes the form of a large saber when transformed.
    • Lord Armor: A purple-blue Makai Armor that specializes in saber combat.
  • Demon Compass: A magic sensor.
  • Madō Bagua Tag: Paper charms with spells written on them.






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