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Line City (ラインシティ, Rain Shiti) is the city featured in Gold Storm Flight within the Ryūga-verse. High Priestess Ryūme made the city Horror-free for a time, but after Agō attacked the city, protectors were needed again; Rian and Ryūga became the city's new guardians.

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Line City is a modern metropolis that has been secretly under the protection of Priestess Ryūme for decades. Although unclear, it seems Ryūme had influence over the city's construction as there are energy lines build directly under the city. Using the city's unique circulatory-like energy system, she's able to send powerful energies through that system to purify the city from dark influences. Without dark influence affecting the city, Line City didn't need Makai Knights to guard the city as Ryūme alone can handle things on her own. However, after Agō ruined the unique grid system, darkness was able to return to the city once more. Because of this, the city needed makai knights and priests to protect the streets once again.

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