Stellas is a space-themed Horror and one of the nine Ady Slate Horrors. His host is a foreign murderer named Luke.

Personality & Character

Stella turns his victims into constellations that have the outline of their bodies before devouring them.

Skills & Abilities

Stellas is able to create small meteors that he can launch at his opponents. He is also capable of flying, as shown in his battle with Crow.


Stellas was freed from the Ady Slate when Eiji Busujima destroyed the slate using a Madō Art technique. Stellas found Luke after he just killed a girl when she failed to guess her star sign, using her body as a medium to possess Luke. After the possession, Luke consumed a couple at a bar as well a university student who was trying to pray at a shrine. He was eventually found in the dance floor of a club, but after fighting with the Makai Knights, Stellas took to the sky to fire his meteor-like constructs onto the city. He was stopped by Crow, who flew into the sky and knocked him down, allowing Raiga to finish him off and solidify his essence into a stone that Mayuri absorbs to seal the Horror.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Thane Camus previous portrayed another Horror, Ring, in a side story in the Garo series.
  • Stellas was the 3rd of the Ady Slate Horrors to be captured, though he wasn't the carrier of Eyrith's seed.


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