Madō Bagua Tag (魔導八卦札, Madō Hakkefuda) are a series of magical papers utilized predominantly by Makai Priests. It is also referred to as World Charm (界符, Kaifu).


Original Universe and Ryūga-verse[]

Madō Bagua Tags are Makai Equipment in form of paper tags with a spell written on them. Spells that can be casted with these tags vary depend on used variants, but their overall mechanics works in the same vein to that of paper talisman such as Daoist's Fulu Charms and Onmyoji's Ofuda Charms in Japanese fantasy fictions (though the tags are based on that of the former). In addition of casting spells, the tags can also be used to seal things and even erecting a barrier for either defense or concealment. While predominantly used by Makai Priests, it's not exclusive to them as a knight or civilian can master its use with practice.

There are 8 types of tags used by Makai Priests in total, each stronger than the last one and may more specialized for certain spells compared to another. Depending of the type, the tags can be used for either once or a few times before eventually burns out, in which they are rendered useless.

Despite its flexibility and easy to be mass-produced, Madō Bagua Tags have some limitations. In addition of can only be used a few times and slight damage can hamper its magic, sealing power of the tags can be resisted or even nullified by sheer spiritual powers of powerful entities, as demonstrated by Barago who break through barriers erected around Saejima Manor like a paper.

Anime Series[]

In animated world of Garo, Madō Bagua Tags' role and functions basically same as in live-action series. However, they apparently exclusive to Eastern branches of Makai Order, as Makai Alchemists in Japan and Feilong (veteran Alchemists with Chinese ancestry) are shown using them. The only known Alchemist from Western branches of Makai Order whom using the tag was Ema Guzmán, but even she no longer use it since concealing Gael's hideout with it.