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Madō Bell (魔導ベル, Madō Beru) is a tool used by Makai Alchemists and Makai Knights during Spanish Inquisition-era of Anime Series to identify Horrors. They are arguably one of the predecessor tools of Madō Lighter.

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In the original universe and modern era of Anime Series universe continuity, a Madō Lighter uses Madō Flames to reveal a Horror. When the flames are exposed directly to a possessed host, the person's eye will react to reveal they're true nature. However, during the era of The Carved Seal of Flames, the lighters yet to be invented and instead, the knights and alchemist utilized their predecessor that take the form of a specialized bell. A much more subtle means of detection, by ringing the bell, it causes the eyes of the Horror to agitate to reveal itself. The bells were invented by Gael, arguably via Alchemy.

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