Madō Bell (魔導ベル, Madō Beru) is a tool used by Makai Alchemists and Makai Knights during events of The Carved Seal of Flames and Divine Flame to identify Horrors.

Description & Characteristics

In the Original Universe and Ryūga-verse, a Madō Lighter uses Madō Flames to reveal a Horror. When the flames are flashed upon possessed person, the possessed will reveal . However, during the medieval-era of The Carved Seal of Flames, Madō Flames aren't a used as a means of detection; the knights and alchemists utilizes a specialized bell instead. By ringing the bell, it causes the eyes of someone tainted in darkness or possessed by a horror to momentarily freeze and reveal black pupils. The bells were invented by Gael, arguably via Alchemy. By the events of Vanishing Line, the bells were no longer in use.


The Carved Seal of Flames

Divine Flame

Vanishing Line

By the events of Vanishing Line, the bell no longer exist. The reasons are unclear, but knights and priests during this era relies on extra sensory perception and chemical testing to confirm horror possession. Both knights and priests have the passive ability to sense horrors from a distance. For more elusive horrors, they can goad the horror to contact with a chemical test to confirm by color reaction. For most horrors, both knights and priests stalk the horror from a distance and can choose to confront the horror to expose itself or wait until its hungry enough to come out to feed.

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