Madō Brush (魔導筆, Madōhitsu) is a Makai Equipment which used by Makai Priest as their weapon of choice.

Description & Characteristics[]

Original Series[]

The Madō Brush is a calligraphy-style brush which the Makai Priests use for various purposes. It's mainly used to focus and channeling magical energies into an object or spell the wielder is working on. The hairs of the brushes are made from the pelt(s) of the Spirit Beast(s), giving them magical power. However, the magical power of the brush hairs are finite (suggestively several years) and can't be recharged; the hairs must be replaced to make the brush functional again. Priests often carry several brushes of various size and styles to help them complete spells, rituals, and compensate for magical energy. Suggestively, the Makai Order actively hunt spirit beasts in order to replenish their supply of pelts to continue producing the brushes.

Although many brushes are of the standard size to a traditional calligraphy brush, the are many customized variations with ornate designs. Many priests have an attachment for their brushes and often customize the design of the handle as a personal touch and reflection of themselves. Priestess Rekka specializes in martial arts, with a strong fondness for her father (a fallen knight). To honor his memory, she had a brush fashioned into flute with a retractable blade; she's able to play the flute during her spare time and deploy the blade during close quarter combat in between castings spells. Akaza is magically weak and prefers a massive brush to help him compensate in magical combat; he wields it much like a large staff and relies on the brush's power to repel enemy attacks.


The origins of how the brushes are made in this universe aren't clear, but how they are applied are similar to the original universe.


Animated Series[]

In the events of Crimson Moon (an age similar to ancient Japan), brushes was primarily used to cast magic. By the events of The Carved Seal of Flames (similar to the Spanish Inquisition), the Makai Order utilizes magical objects to perform specific spells and don't use brushes. By the modern times of Vanishing Line, modern technologies (ex: spell casting bullets, magically enhanced mechanics, and digital magic) is favored over brushes and considered an ancient magical tool.


  • Madō Pencils: Pencil-sized variants with weaker power, but at least 10 of them can be used to cast the Phoenix Flame Spell.
  • Madō Brush Cannon: A large Madō Brush to deploy artillery-level spells. It has since become obsolete following the development of Soul Metal-based weaponry with their final use being the war against Edel and his dragon mate Nova.



  • Madō Brushes shares same functions with wands and magic staves utilized by spellcasters (ex. wizards, witches, warlocks, etc.) in fantasy genre, as all of them serve as instruments to cast spells.