Madō Flames
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Kouga's Madō Flames

Madō Flames (魔導火, Madōbi) is a special magical flames that are used for various purposes in the Garo Series. It is primarily used to enhance the combat strength of Makai Knights and used to detect Horrors.

Description & Characteristics

The technique to generate this special flames was developed by magicians in Makai Community. In addition of being conjured through spells or Soul Metal friction, Madō Flames can be stored within Madō Lighter, specialized lighter-like Makai Equipment carried by Makai Knights to expose human-infested Horrors. Only those who have sufficient skill in magic that can handle it as the flames can instantly burn inexperienced users — even skilled users must gauge the amount of utilized flames to avoid unintended collateral damage.

Some Madōgu such as Zaruba are designed to project Madō Flames.

Notable Uses

Originally, the Madō Flames were used by Makai Priests for their spellcasting and healing. The flames are used in various magical techniques, including sensory, healing, and as a weapon.

  • Decoding Orders Document.
  • Horror detection through inducing allergic reaction to human-infested Horror's eyes which turns pale green adorned with letters of Makai Language (bright pink or red in Anime Series)
  • Catalyst for Blazing Armament. In combat, either via. the Lighter, Soul Metal friction, or willpower, a Knight can encompass his armored body and weapon at hand with this fire to increase his combat strength to take down powerful targets.
  • Healing (for Knights who have little to no experience in using Madō Brush) in conjunction with the potion Reverter of Time.
  • Performing cremation.

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