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Madō Lighter
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Rei's Lighter
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Jinga's Lighter

Madō Lighter is a special magical lighter carried by Makai Knights. It contains Madō Flames that is commonly used to detect and combat Horrors

Description & Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Original Universe[edit | edit source]

The Madō Lighter is a Gothic-themed special lighter that resembles a demonic eye and designed to store Madō Flames, giving the user a subtle means in using said Flames. Said Flames is contained within the Lighter's gem (special part through which Watch Dogs can refuel it via. their specialized wolf statue), and can be activated by opening its outer casing as with regular lighters. In addition of aiding in performing Blazing Armament, Madō Lighter can be used for decoding Orders Document, healing, and expose human-infested Horrors.

Ryūga-verse[edit | edit source]

In Ryūga-verse, Madō Lighters also serves as a means to detect Horrors. However, blazing armament doesn't seem to be a common feature when facing Horrors. While a version of it is used to enhance Garo in combat, there seems to be a clear degree of separation. A unique ability in this universe is that the flames can be used for analytical purposes. When the flame is focused by a priest, the flames can reveal computational-like data for the user to understand their environment better.

Anime Series[edit | edit source]

In the anime universe, Madō Lighters serve as a means to detect Horrors and appeared to share similar functions to their live-action counterparts. However, the lighters' versatility is not fully explored due to them not predominantly used by Makai Knights, as only Makai Alchemist Luke who shown using it so far and some Makai Knights like Sword more rely on both deduction and Madōgu's Horror-detecting ability instead. As Madō Bell predominantly utilized during Spanish Inquisition era, it's plausible that Madō Lighters actually recent development in Makai Community.

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