Madō Timer
Zero Fast Change
Zero's Madō Timer begins its countdown
Type: Makai Equipment (part of systems in Makai Armor
  • Measures the time limit of an activated Makai Armor

The Madō Timer (魔導刻, Madōkoku) is a sandglass which counts down the remaining time of the Makai Knights' armor.


Original Series[]

Madō Timer is usually seen every time a Makai Knight don his armor where as soon as his armor completely assembled around his body, this Makai Equipment begins its countdown until the armor's time limit runs out. Madō Timer is arguably part of Makai Armor's systems since its only physical part is the symbol of the armor's hip.

Should a Makai Knight went past the limit of the armor and become Lost Soul Beast, Madō Timer will shatter. The timer is arguably restored as soon as his armor restored to its normal state.

Anime Series[]

Although Madō Timer is seemingly absent in Anime Series, The Crimson Moon confirmed similar systems where one of them being flames that appear in Inari's throne; as the time gets closer to expire, the flames begin to die out until there's complete darkness.

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