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Madōba (魔導馬, Madō Horse) are armored stallions that assist the Makai Knights in combat. They are featured in the Original Series and Anime Series; the Ryūga-verse and VR-verse doesn't.

Description & Characteristics[]

Original Series[]

Madōbas are armored horses that serve the will of the given Makai Knight. It has the ability to enter and travel through other realms (and can leave the battlefield if the Makai Knights so choose). Makai Knights can only ride Madō Horses in their armored form. Each horse have their own ability to enhance their rider's combat abilities, however, every horse have their own abilities and some are made more powerful compared to others. Under special conditions, a Makai Priest can also summon a horse but must be consented by the Makai Knight.

Based on observation, it seems the horses are only given to titled knights as non-titled knights are never seen with their own steed; elite knights who slay over one hundred Horrors can qualify for a special trial to gain a steed that compliments them after their armor. After passing the trial, they can summon their horses at will.

Although given the appearance of a horse, Madōbas are actually artificial Makai Beasts created by Makai Priests generations ago at the risk of their lives. The role of Madōbas was originally filled by naturally occuring, formidable Makai Beasts only Makai Priests around the level of seasoned Makai Knights able to made contract with. Some of Makai Beasts in question were said to possess dead animals. Whatever the case, some Makai Priests felt the idea of creating artificial Makai Beasts as strong as the former more feasible. The endeavor was easier to be said than done; up until Madōbas, their efforts were either failed or created abominations that preyed on people.[1]

As shown in case of Kouga Saejima trial that a Makai Knight must be accomplished in order to acquire the right to summon his Madō Horse is facing his own shadow at the Makai inside him. The knight must overcome darkness inside him in order to claim such right. Interestingly, whereas Kouga must face his shadow that takes the form of a Makai Knight that don Garo Armor in its Master Garo form, Raiga Saejima overcomes the trial by defeating Zaji instead. The difference in trials of father and son later revealed to be due to Raiga's inner reluctance to become a Makai Knight like his father but chose the path regardless for the sake of everyone.


Although a very similar world to the original, Madō Horses don't exist within this realm. It's unclear why, but it is presumed that this world's Makai Order saw no need for it. However, there is a magical spell casting that created a temporary steed that resembles one for combat.

Anime Series[]

The development of Madōba was started sometime between Heian Period, as Gōten's early known mission was during Raikou and Fujiwara no Yasusuke's battle against Akira and the Golden Knight initially rely on Raijū that acted as the alternative for the former. From there, they were used during medieval times as a means of rapid transportation and horseback combat. They appear whenever their partnered knight summons them for assistance. Similar to their live-action counterparts, they can traverse at great speed, gallop across wall surfaces, and (unique to anime) streak through water as quick as a jet ski. Each of the steeds have unique abilities; some horses are transformable weapons. Zex's madōba can transform into a massive power drill for a powerful melee attack. As the centuries past, new technologies emerged as Makai Alchemists combined modern engineering with Makai fabrication to construct madō vehicles.

In modern times, Knights and Alchemists now have Madō vehicles in form of cars and motorcycles for transportation by the events of Vanishing Line. Subsequently, madōba were repurposed into combat chassis for their Knights' motorcycles and sports the recreation of said Knights' Madō Ring, latter trait which not surprising considering the Knights uses their Ring as the key. For the same reason, the Ring can (auto)pilot the motorcycle as an extension of his body. Whenever a Knight summons his armor, his motorcycle will be automatically equipped with its chassis as well. Whether the function accessible after its Knight overcomes the trial to win the right to use it in the same vein with his predecessors with their Madōba in Original series has yet to be revealed until this point.

Known Madō Horses[]

Original Series[]

The Carved Seal of Flames & Divine Flame[]

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Notes & Trivia[]

  • Madōbas' shared ability is upgrading its Knight's Makai Blade into its stronger, Horse-Slaying form that can inflict greater damage.
    • So far, only Gōten which endows secondary upgrade onto its Knight (Garo)'s Makai Blade.

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