Magōryū Idea
Idea Born
Idea Forming
  • Leg Thrusters
  • Energy Cannon
  • Horror Detector

Magōryū Idea is the largest and most powerful Gōryū created by Sigma Fudō in the events of Makai Flash Knight. It was a great machine intended to end all Horrors but Gyanon would awaken and take Idea over as its new body.

Description & Characteristics[]

Idea is the grand design of Sigma Fudō to end all Horrors. The most powerful Gōryū to be ever created, the massive machine takes the mechanical form between an elephant and horned beetle. Its creation was fully realized within the Makai Realm and Sigma planned to use it to wipe out all Horrors. Although created to end Horrors, Sigma made Idea to prove priests can be greater than knights and plot to render them obsolete.

Idea's central body and core has unique and high power requirements. Created through a combination of alchemy and magic, Idea was shaped from the destroyed remains of the Madō Train, Gyanon's remains, Kouga's soul, and ore from the Makai Realm. Once activated, Idea doesn't seem to need a human soul to continue its operation, but Gyanon's corpse is the central power source to move Idea.

For traveling, Idea has four mechanical insect-like legs. Because the legs are so large and heavy, there wasn't enough mechanical power to make them mobile; Sigma added rocket-like thrusters on all of them to allow Idea to move. For every step Idea takes, the thrusters will blast its leg upwards to walk. Despite being big and slow, Idea is nearly an unstoppable juggernaut.

In combat, the behemoth has great regenerative capabilities. Any lost limbs or physical damage can be quickly repaired. Even with the might of the strongest knights within the Makai Order, their combat strength wasn't enough to stop Idea from moving, only slow it down. Idea has a powerful particle cannon within its trunk and belly. A single blast has enough firepower to level an entire city and the firepower is great enough to vaporize thousands of Horrors in a sea of inferno. To fight off targets that can evade its firepower, Idea has a hatch that houses a small legion of Gōryūs (Gōryū-jins, Teki, and Rigl) to fight off threats. While not seen, Sigma mentioned Idea has the power to destroy gateways to prevent Horrors from ever crossing into the mortal realm; it would eliminate the need for knights. Unfortunately, despite all its anti-Horror capabilities, it's not immune towards Horror infection. Overall, Idea was a very powerful and flawed creation.

Gyanon-Idea Fusion[]

Gyanon was supposedly a dead Horror and Sigma took its corpse to refit it as Idea's power source. Despite being dormant for centuries, the dark malicious emotinos of Sigma helped resurrect Gyanon and the horror devoured Sigma and assimilated Idea. Without any countermeasures, Gyanon became one with Idea. In addition to all its pre-existing capabilities with Idea, Gyanon can command thousands of Horrors under its feet and can create its own gateways. Hundreds of Horrors can jump through the portal and instantly invade the mortal realm to infest. In addition, Gyanon can call forth special light that helps lift itself up the ground and through a barrier to breach into the mortal realm. It was only through the combined powers of nearly all the priests and knights that brought the Horror down and ultimately its destruction.



Sigma and his younger twin brother, Leo, both talked about creating a machine that would help end the horror threat and they called it the Gōryū. However, both twins at the time were focused on training to become knights, succeeding the title of Lord. After Leo was chosen as the successor, Sigma angrily abandoned his knighthood and left the family. Leo also couldn't accept their father's decision and both walked away from knighthood; both would restart their lives into magical studies.

After the death of their father, the twins became accomplished priests. Sigma returned and presented Idea to Leo as his greatest plan. The twins agreed if Idea can be made, it would end the need for knights and prevent Horrors from breaching into the mortal realm. However, to power such a machine would require massive power and Sigma don't have a power source to create it.

With the help of Priestess Mio, Sigma figured out that he needed special makai ore, a human soul(s), and a strong Horror to complete it. Unfortunately, Mio was against it and she tried to destroy Gyanon's corpse to prevent Sigma from advancing his work. Unfortunately, Sigma killed Mio to prevent her from destroying his life's work. When Leo found out about Mio's death, the two brothers are at odds with each other. However, Sigma vanished into the shadows before Leo could stop him.

Makai Flash Knight[]

By the events of Makai Flash Knight, Sigma had begun his plan of destroying the Makai Knights and realizing Idea. He stole the Madō Train and attempted to travel towards the moon to bolster his magical power. However, Golden Knight Saejima Kouga thwarted his plans. Kouga released the death mark from the knights and crashed the Madō Train. However, Sigma used the remains of the train, captured Kouga, and salvaged Gyanon's corpse to form Idea's core. Once he breached into the Makai Realm, Sigma was able to bring forth Idea. However, Kouga managed to escape the core before entering the makai realm.

Upon Idea's first steps, thousands of Horrors appeared before it and was instantly vaporized by it's cannon. Zero, Baron, and Lord made it into the control center to face Sigma. However, just as Sigma attempted to get more power from Gyanon, the Horror awakened. It absorbed Sigma into her stomach and extended its body to infest Idea. The trio escaped as Gyanon is now fully merged with Idea and began launching Horrors against the knights.

Kouga appeared in the field and entered the control center to appeal to Gyanon, but she refused and wish to infest the mortal realm with Horrors. With the help of Zero and Baron, Garo rode on Gouten to sever it's forward left leg, but it quickly regrew it's lost limb and critically injured Baron. Wataru was out for the count, but Dan arrived to assist. With the white, silver, and golden knight, the three rode into battle while Leo tried to figure a means to stop Gyanon from rising.

As the knights charged into battle, Gyanon unleashed Sigma's gōryūs (Gōryū-jins, Teki, and Rigl) to defend itself. The bulk of the Makai Knights, the Steel Knights, arrived to aid in battle while the bulk of the priests from the mortal realm added magical pressure to prevent Gyanon from breaching through. Unfortunately, Gyanon pushed back with greater power. Leo and the knights plan to use the Light Arrow Shooting Star technique, a powerful and risky attack that involves the priests sacrificing their brushes to create a powerful spiritual blast to blow up Gyanon. On their mark, the priests threw their brushes into the makai realm and the knights used it to fire a rain of light that destroyed Idea. However, Gyanon's head survives and flew towards Garo. Kouga used his own brush to destroy Gyanon, ending their conflict.

In the aftermath, Idea faded into history. Sigma was the only one that knew how to build one and Leo never had a copy of its design. Although Idea would never be rebuilt, the gōryūs would continue to be used by the Order. Leo's gōryūs remain in use for the priests for years to come.

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