Magic Arts (also known as Madō Arts) refers to ancient art practiced by people of Makai Community which enable them to alter the fabric of reality for variety of purposes, combating Horrors included.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Original Universe & Ryūga-verseEdit

In both original universe and Ryūga-verse, magic utilized by Makai Order loosely based on fantastic mythical aspects of Taoism. It is predominantly utilized by Makai Priests, and the ability to use it comes from the study, practice, and experience as well as the user's own magical aptitude. Makai Knights can also perform magic as displayed by Tsubasa Yamagatana, Eiji Busujima, Leo Fudō, and Sigma Fudō, but their magical knowledge and skills mostly limited. Magic can be performed by the use of Madō Brush and Madō Bagua Tag depend on the utilized spells.

Anime UniverseEdit

In contrast to live-actions series, the branch of magic utilized by Makai Alchemists of Makai Order in anime universe much more diverse, relatives to the culture of their homelands. For instance, the crafts utilized by American and European branches of the Order as seen in modern day era and era of Spanish inquisition rooted from Western magics whereas Eastern branches Eastern magic such as onmyodo. Interestingly, the latter case bears more resemblance to its live-action counterparts due to involving the use of Madō Brush and Madō Bagua Tag. Regardless, each branch always have their own alchemy variation, which essential for a Makai Alchemist trainee to become a full-fledged one.

Notable SpellsEdit

  • Barrier Spells:
    • Deflecting Barrier Armor: A variation of barrier spell utilized by Kagome. This spell forms a magical shielding which can deflect physical attack as well as enhances hers like oversized punching gloves.
  • Magic Blasts: Most basic spell. With use of Mado Brush, the user can fire powerful blasts which firepower depends on channeled magic power.
  • Illusory Spell:
  • Small Makai Dragon Summon Spell:
  • Enchantments:
  • Summoning Spell:
  • Voice Mimicking Spell:
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