The Magic Clothing (魔法衣, Mahōi) are special attire worn by Makai practitioners.

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Mahōi is a form of clothing knights and priests wear. It's a form of cultural clothing style that helps identify people of the makai world. Mahōi aren't just for fashion, most of them are imbued or enchanted with protective magics to protect them from harm. Parts of their fashion, such as their beads and stone pieces attached to their clothing are actually magical items. These attached accessories can vary from enchanted tracking jewelry, protective charms, explosive devices, and even summoning tools. Magical clothing is a choice, both knights and priests can wear whatever they like. Their second most popular style of clothing is black and dark leather. Traditional priests tend to wear tribal-style clothing or leather, often adorned with beads and necklaces. With knights, they often wear a leather duster with a special insignia to identify themselves. Some include a protective vest, designed to help protect a user from physical harm, magical attacks and/or repel dark energies.


The concept of magic clothing is more or less the same in this universe, yet there are few differences.

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