Makai Bow (魔戒弓, Makaikyū) is a type of bow devised by Makai Order in combating dark forces predominantly featured in Ryūga-verse and Anime Series.


Original Series[]

Its presence only hinted by Shooting Star of Light Arrow spell as well as its variant utilized by Bikū, one of Darkness Hunters, that works with same basic principle as mundane bows and arrows' own. Suggestively, the development of specialized bows and arrows for combating Horrors had been done in the past with the aforementioned spell being the closest the Order attained for the end result, most likely due to development of stronger, better equipment and related techniques such as Gōryū.


By contrast in Ryūga-verse, Makai Order in said universe fares better in developing actual Makai Bows as its first Knights were in fact, archers who utilize Soul Metal-tipped arrows sometime prior to development of Makai Blade and with it, means to effectively engage Horrors in melee. Kusugami Clan, one of most prominent clans in the Order, was among those who produced best archers with Gai the Sky Bow Knight being the clan's champion.

Anime Series[]

As Anime Series takes both cues from previous continuities, Makai Order also developed Makai Bows in this world and as successful as its counterpart in Ryūga-verse. In this case, it was thanks to Makai Alchemists who developed alchemical formula to transmute necessary materials for the Bows so as to make their performance superior than their mundane counterparts regardless whether the user casts spells through either it or launched arrows as well as making it sturdier so as to maintain its effectiveness better than the latter in the event of the user occasionally forced to use it in melee; attempting to use mundane bows as melee weapon would potentially downgrade its overall performance even if thet were crafted out of sturdiest of proper materials.

The main Makai Bow seen in the series was the purple and silver one in Gina Evans' possession.

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