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Makai Guides (魔戒導師, Makai Dōshi) are trained sensors of fate, unique to the Original Series. They are a near-extinct group within the Makai Order.

Description & Characteristics

Makai Guides are also based on the fantastic mythical aspects of Taoist Priests, a Dōshi. The Dōshis are manipulators in magic, sensing fate, alchemy, necromancy, spiritual summoning, and healers, however, most of its description fits towards the Makai Priests. The main difference between a Makai Guide and Makai Priest is that the guides specialize in sensing fate.

The Guides are trained in the art of sensing the outcome of events and the fates of people(s) through the use of physical mediums like tarot cards; little else is known about their capabilities. Though they can predict the outcome of certain events, giving them the ability to change and/or manipulate the outcome of fates and/or events. They are a rare group of practitioners (for unknown reasons) and many within the Makai Order presumed they have been extinct. Sadly, The Order seems made no actual effort in preserving both Makai Guides and their craft, presumably due to both deemed obsolete or worse, considered as liability and thus marked for termination (the latter which may explained the assassination attempt on Elda and her lover Shinji). As a result, by the events of Chapter of the Black Wolf, Makai Guides' place in Makai World become obsolete with Elda being the last of her kind.

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