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Makai Guns (魔戒銃, Makaijū) are magically enhanced guns that utilize's modern gun technology and magic to help fight against Horrors. They were first featured in the Ryūga-verse and later in Vanishing Line.

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Crafted only by Makai Priestess Rian, she created a magical pistol meant to take down weaker Horrors. From her own explanation, she created the gun to help conserve her magical powers. Not knowing if she will be involved in an exhaustive battle, she took this into consideration to make her more effective in combat. The pistol uses the same gun technology as modern pistols but enhanced with magic that can hurt Horrors. The rounds themselves are spiritually energized and projected by spirit energy to propel the bullets. To avoid evidence of her weapon, the shell case and the bullet was meant to disappear shortly after its use. It's unclear if the pistol can hurt only Horrors or it can also hurt humans as well.

Vanishing LineEdit

In this animated world, Makai Alchemists use guns to increase their combat abilities when facing Horrors and support a Makai Knight. During combat missions, an alchemist can either choose to be close range or long range support. Alchemist Luke prefers to use a sniper rifle to provide long range support for both Sword and civilians. He carries various bullets, each one with particular uses. Some are designed to take down Horrors, while others are used for spell casting. During missions when Sword exposes the public to the makai world, Luke uses a prepared bullet that can magically cause rain. The raindrops will magically erase the truth with a convenient lie that can explain things without exposing the makai world.

As Vanishing Line clarified that Makai Order integrated modern technology into their world to better combat forces of darkness, there are various types of Makai firearms which include's Makai revolvers, Makai sniper rifles, and Makai minigun.

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