Orders Document 3

Contains of an Orders Document, written in Makai Language

Makai Language is an ancient language that was originally employed by beings from the Makai Realm, before it was understood by the people of the Makai Community.

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Original Series[]

The original series explained that the Makai Order gained an understanding of the Makai Language after capturing Sedinbale. Because of the Horror's vast knowledge about said language, even more so than her brethrens, they opted to seal her so that they can gain access to it. Other than in incantations, the Makai Knowledge is also used in Orders Document.

Years after Kouga's time as Garo, the Horror Caricatuan would take possession of a manga artist and accidentally include ancient Makai Language in his weekly manga, tipping off Mayuri Shidō and Raiga Saejima.


No direct explanation was made regarding how Makai Order in this universe able to learn Makai Language, only that they have become familiar with it sometime after their foundation

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