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Makai (Makai no Hana)
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Makai Realm or Demon World is the home dimension where demons and other Makai Beasts come from.

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Original Series and Ryūga-verseEdit

The demon world is a negative dimension where Horrors, Small Makai Dragons, and Makai Dragons reside. Little is known about this world, but it's seemingly a desolate place without a sun. Even without a star, the world seems to eternally shine with a white-grayish hue. The ground resembles a black desert, mostly dark rock and no signs of water. Horrors often reside underground or hidden within the crevices of the earth and attack lesser creatures. While it's unclear of its relationship with the Mortal Realm, the dark emotions of humanity seep into this world and encourage Horrors to manifest and cross through to prey on humanity, which forms Inga Gates that allow them to cross over. It's also an unofficial dumping ground for Makai Priests and the Watchdogs as any dark energies and entities are collected and returned to the demon world.

Anime SeriesEdit

In anime series universe, much of the aspects of the Makai Realm remain faithful to that the of live-action universe, though there are some differences. The events of The Carved Seal of Flames and Divine Flame revealed that the Makai Realm is in fact, a part of underworld, as it is the very place where the souls of the departed go, regardless whether they turned into a Horror in their lifetime. It was there where León Luís reunited with his late mother Anna Luís and the latter took over her son's duty to seal Mendoza deep within Makai Realm with the use of protective seal she originally put on him when he was a baby. The Watchdog Garm would later summon the deceased Germán Luís back from Makai Realm so he can assist her son one last time to stop the fallen knight Dario's plans.


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