Mathew Cranston was a motel owner who allowed Rastapanje to eat his guests.


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Mathew was once a successful businessman in Russell City, but his company went bankrupt and he was forced to move out. A little while after he and his family came to the motel, Mathew stumbled upon Rastapanje dissolving one of his guests before fleeing through the drain. At first, Mathew felt like he couldn't run a motel that eats its guests, but after seeing the guest's material belongings, he allowed Rastapanje to keep feeding while he became rich from their belongings.

Vanishing LineEdit

A man comes to the motel looking for his missing friend, but Mathew denies knowing his whereabouts and offers him to stay for the night knowing Rastapanje would also eat him. Sword, Gina, and Sophie eventually arrive at the motel and are given a room. When they are eating dinner, Mathew approaches them and asks where are they headed and Gina replies to the west. Mathew deduces they are going to El Dorado and says that many of his guest were also going there, and then he leaves. Matthew's wife finishes showering and asks him to stop working on the finances, but he becomes angry stating that he did all of this for them and starts beating her, all of this while George is crying whispering to stop. After Gina and Sophie finish taking a bath, a liquid-based Horror attacks them, but Gina stops and forces it to retreat. Later, Sarah discovers that her husband made a pact with the Horror to ensure the family's financial survival. Mathew wishes to return to Russell City and become a success again, but instead, the Horror engulfs him and then attacks his wife.

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