Mayuri (マユリ) is the female protagonist of The Makai Flower, Makai Tales, and Moonbow Traveler within the Original Series. She's a human-born girl with the unique ability to seal Horrors. Because of this, the Makai Priests classified her as a Magō (魔号, Magic Tool).


Born out of tragedy, Mayuri was an unborn child when her mother, Makai Priestess Magi Shidō was attacked by a Horror. The creature attempted to possess Mayuri through her mother, but before her mother died, Magi magically manifested darkness sealing powers to Mayuri in order to protect her. Makai Priest Shidō (non-related) took pity upon baby Mayuri and used his magical powers to help maintain her abilities without causing magical backlash. To better maintain her and serve the Makai Order, Mayuri is sealed within a casket that puts her in stasis; she's only awakened to seal unique Horrors.

Treated as a tool all her life, the Makai Order considered Mayuri as a means to end Horrors. However, due to being treated as a tool, Mayuri didn't develop like a normal person. The people that work with her show no affection nor positive emotions around her; this caused her to be stoic, quiet, and socially awkward in the customs of society and human interaction. While initially appearing to be emotionless, Mayuri actually has a very curious and caring nature about people and things. Her time with the Saejima clan has given her greater exploration into the human world and learn to smile thanks to Raiga's kind nature.

By the events of Moonbow Traveler, her darkness vault was gone and no longer considered a magical tool anymore. She's in a romantic relationship with Raiga and wants to be useful to him after losing her sealing power(s). Bikū encouraged her to place her hopes into gardening, learning to focus her feelings into the flowers. She also became curious about Raiga's mother. As another normal woman that helped Garo, Mayuri wanted to understand Raiga's mom to see if could do the same. That same desire to help Raiga would motivate others to help her during the Saejima Clan's darkest hour when Kiba made his return. Both the spirits within the Tower of Heroes and Kaoru recognized her sincerity and aided her to help Raiga. Her greatest contribution would to give Raiga a son, the next in line to become Garo.



From Makai Priest Sido's own account, Mayuri's origins began several decades ago (timeline unspecified). There was once a Makai Priestess, about a month away from giving birth. One day, while in the midst of a ritual, a Horror possessed her. Mayuri's mother died, but Mayuri survived and was born. However, the baby wasn't possessed by the Horror, her mother's will imparted Mayuri with the ability to seal away Horrors, an ability no person ever had. Makai Priest Shido took pity on her and took her under his care; she became a tool for hunting Horrors. When she has no missions, she's put to sleep underground below the Senate. The Order classified her as Mado Tool Magou Yurigata, also known as Mayuri.

Seeking the Seed of Eyrith[]

Long before Mayuri's time, there was a great Horror called Eyrith that was a flower of calamity in the human world. To make Eyrith's evil more manageable, the Makai Priests divided her into nine Horrors and sealed them into a stone slab and buried it underground. However, in modern times, the slab was rediscovered by humanity and archaeologists thought of it as an ancient relic. The slab was resting in a museum exhibit when an agent of evil unsealed the slab and unleashed the nine Horrors. Soon not long, Mayuri was activated and she awakened from her stasis to seal the Horrors and recover the Seed of Eyrith. One of the escaped Horrors actually contains the true body of Eyrith and takes the form of a spiritual seed. Once the seed and all the Horrors are sealed, the dreaded cataclysmic event will be prevented. To make the recovery mission a success, the Senate tasked Golden Knight Garo and Shadow Knight Crow to team up with Mayuri to recover and seal the fragments of the slab.

Moonbow Traveler[]

By the time of this movie Mayuri has taken to growing magic flowers that have become wildly used by many members of the Makai community (such as Biku) as a way to compensate for her lack of combat power. The ending of the movie heavily implies that Mayuri is or will be in the very near future pregnant with Raiga's son and described by Raiga's ancestors as the next in the line of Garo.


Mayuri is unique within the Makai Order as she was never trained nor specialized in any specific fields; she can't fight nor properly defend herself against Horrors. However, due to her unique birth, she inherited magical powers from her priestess mother: she can seal Horrors. Although not fully explained, Mayuri's right hand has the ability to seal Horrors within her body, making her the first human with the ability to exist as a container for evil. However, like all containers, they can be opened. Should Mayuri lose control or will it, the gateway within herself can open, causing darkness to spew out with deadly results; she requires constant magical maintenance to maintain herself or risk becoming a Horror within the process.

Beyond her sealing abilities, she can also sense Horrors and can sense darkness to a certain degree. For unexplained reasons, the Makai Order only allowed her to use her natural talents but never had her trained as a priestess. This makes her vulnerable as she can't fight with magic nor martial arts.


  • Enchanted Black Dress: ?.
  • Darkness Vault: The source of Mayuri's unique power, her mother manifested the vault within Mayuri's body to protect her from a horror. The Makai Order realized the vault can be used to seal horrors and she has been used to seal darkness in special missions. However, the vault is sensitive to Mayuri's emotions and requires magical maintenance to keep her stable; the vault within her was gone after it threatened her life. Raiga and Priest Shidō helped remove it and she's now living a normal life.



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