Medicruz was a Horror that possessed the body of Michael, a man who desired to become a doctor.

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When the wandering doctor Fabian approached his village, Michael saw this as an opportunity to achieve his dream and went to where Fabian was staying. But upon seeing Fabian being immobilized from the plague, Michael seized the opportunity to kill him and assume his identity. Now wearing the same plague mask that Fabian was wearing, Michael set a tent in the capital where he healed the people for free. But while Ximena Coronado was assisting Michael with the people, she contracted the same plague that afflicted Fabian. Michael created the cure for the plague that not even Fabian could create, and planned on eating Ximena after her recovery. Germán eventually found out Michael's secret and confronted him, but Michael told Germán that he cured way more people than what he ate, and asked him if he still wanted to destroy him. Germán reaffirmed his faith in the power of humanity, irritating Michael and making him change into Medicruz while Germán donned the Zoro armor. The battle was one-sided, as Medicruz healed any injury that Zoro inflicted while his attacks wounded Zoro. This would prove to be his most fatal flaw, as he couldn't contain his compulsion to heal people and treated Germán's injury. With his injuries healed, Germán was able to cut off Medicruz's head before he could heal it back.

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