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Meifang is the waitress in the Chinese Restaurant in Vanishing Line. She's the granddaughter to retired Makai Alchemist Feilong and occasional caretaker to Lukather Harden.

Personality & Character

Meifang is the unofficial manager of the Chinese Restaurant in Russell City's Chinatown. Although Feilong is the true manager of the establishment, he tends to spend his days not heavily involved in the daily operations unless he's needed to. Feilong likes to sit in the background while Meifang expedites and handle all food orders. Although she was raised into the Makai World, she seems to have limited combat and alchemist training. It's unclear if she's still in training or simply picked up some skills and never got deeper into the family business other than the culinary side. The best to describe her position is an ally and assistant in the Makai World.

Meifang helps Sword get out of bed as he always sleeps past his alarm clock and she's Luke's medical attendant whenever he's injured. Having the heart of the protector, she would risk her life to protect Sophie from harm and have standing courage against Horrors. While Meifang has a nice and caring side, she often displays her tough and no-nonsense personality mostly to command her trio of secretly handsome chefs. Taking a liking to Luke, she tends to express tough love towards him while hiding her real feelings for him. Although in denial of her own romantic feelings, she would visit his apartment to see if he's there. Much about her history and character remains unclear, but she's a dependable ally to her friends and family.

Skills & Abilities

  • Cooking: Raised in a kitchen, Meifang can cook Chinese food.
  • Martial Arts: While not an official alchemist, Meifang knows martial arts. However, it's unclear was this from the Makai Order or normal kung-fu from her Chinese heritage.
  • Alchemist Training: The full extent of Meifang's magical abilities is unknown as her character was never fully defined. However, she knows how to use Madō Bagua Tags to ward off Horrors.

Tools & Equipment

  • Madō Bagua Tag: Meifang knows how to use these magical tags to ward off Horrors, however, in limited application.


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