Melia Wilde
Melia Wilde
Melia Wilde
Voiced By:
  • Jennifer Green
  • Deceased - Devoured by Pawn
  • Programmer

Melia Wilde was an ambitious yet unfortunate businesswoman recruited for the El Dorado Project.


Melia was first seen at nighttime in a balcony texting an unknown person with her phone. Seconds later, a man in a suit arrives and startles her for a moment. He introduces himself as Pawn and the two of them chat. Melia then breaks the ice of their conversation as she boldly inquired about what El Dorado wanted with her superior skill sets. Pawn then goes on to inform her that an "unforseen complication" has come along. Confused, Melia lets out a light gasp as Pawn partially turns into his Horror form and devours her, leaving only a puddle of blood and her smartphone.

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