Metaclim was a dinosaur-like Horror in stocks that possessed the patched up body of Guillermo, a Makai Knight falsely executed for attempting on the king's life.

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Under the advice of Mendoza, the king began witch hunts throughout the Kingdom of Valiante. One of the victims of the witch hunts was Guillermo, who was sentenced to death by dismemberment for attempting to kill the king. Unbeknownst to the king, Mendoza used Gulliermo's body as a vessel for one of his Horror thralls, Metaclim, who then posed as one of San Valiante Knights' commander.

Carved Seal of Flames[edit | edit source]

After receiving reports that a father and a son were practicing strange techniques, Mendoza dispatches a squad of soldiers under the command of Guillermo. After arriving at the place, Metaclim gives the signal to burn the León's house and enters the burning house to confront him. León transforms and brings the fight outside, where Metaclim reveals his true form and is eventually slain.

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