Lizary is an insect-based Horror that possessed a disturbed university student named Mikimoto, who is obsessed with insects and locked himself away in the Natural Science Club. Mikimoto is portrayed by Tokio Emoto (柄本 時生, Emoto Tokio).


Because Lizary is a Horror that does not fully manifest after possessing a human body, Mikimoto is unaware of the possession. His perception is altered to believe that his unconscious feedings were the work of the woman's corpse, believing her to be a random person he found, and his subsequent victims to be molted forms of the said corpse. Eventually, after Mayuri unlocks Mikimoto's memories, a fully manifested Lizary takes over his host's body before being slain by the combined efforts of Raiga and Crow.

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  • Lizary's Inga Gate was the corpse of a woman that was raped and murdered by Mikimoto.


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