Minamoto no Yorinobu
Minamoto no Yorinobu (源 頼信)
  • Police captain
Family: Raikou (half-brother)

Yorinobu is a supporting character in GARO: The Crimson Moon.

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Minamoto no Yorinobu is an expert swordsman who is another of Michinaga's Four Heavenly Kings. He is also Raikou's younger paternal half-brother, a fact he is completely unaware of until Raikou slays a Horror that possesses one of his retainers. Despite not being a Makai Knight like his half-brother, Yorinobu quickly dedicates himself to taking care of the people in his own way, starting with going to poor districts and running a meal line with Suetsumuhana. Yorinobu displays a preference for two-handed swords in battle and is a competent soldier, but is often completely outclassed by Horrors whenever he engages them in combat. After Kintō's demise, he is promoted to the new head of the Heian-kyō police magistrate by Michinaga. Yorinobu, against Michinaga's orders, allows common people to take shelter in the Light Palace during Rudra's reawakening. This, along with the mistaken belief that Yorinobu stole the book keeping the palace's barrier in place, causes Michinaga to order Yorinobu's execution, revealing Michinaga's true colors. Yorinobu's fate after this is unknown.

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