The Monastery is both the location and eponymous branch of Makai Order in VR-verse that made its debut in GARO: Versus Road.

Description & Characteristics

Unlike most branches of Makai Order which situated their base of operations at Human World, Monastery situated theirs at Makai Realm. Once part of the realm's seemingly endless wasteland, the land that became the branch's base was magically lifted into the sky to protect it and its inhabitants from the realm's hostile natives. Makai Priests who responsible for its construction casted enchantments to terraform the floating mountainous landmass, creating river that ends with a waterfall on the edge of the island and filled it with forest in addition of facilities such as training camp for Makai Knight trainees and living quarters. The same terraforming techniques also resulted Monastery to be bathed with brighter light than other regions in Makai Realm as if it is illuminated with sun.

With exception of VR Glasses and Shuka that were Shousetsu's designs, a testament of the Monastery's technological advancements is their version of Makai Path, Item, and Game Field. In addition of traditional ones, The Monastery uses a futuristic one that takes the appearance of gate-like teleporter that can only be used if the user brings its key while entering it. Item on the other hand, is a crystal-like equipment that can be turned into anything the user wishes and even completely indistinguishable with objects it transformed into. Lastly, Game Field is a massive dungeon that makes up a large part of the floating island which appearance can be altered to simulate desired region/battlefield each with their own obstacles. Although said dungeon can be conventionally accessed through a specific Makai Path, Shousetsu later provides VR Glasses that enable chosen individuals to teleport there under the guise of virtual reality.

The Monastery's methods are different compared to other branches. Its Makai Priests use hand gestures to cast spells instead of Madō Brushes, a stark contrast to Azami's late mother who used one (suggesting her being the member of the Order's different branch). They were also known for capturing live Horrors and mechanically modified them with hi-tech Madōgu as means to keep them under control and used them as part of their Makai Knight trainee 's training. As if such method already morally questionable enough, The Monastery's means to graduate their Makai Knight trainees proved to be barbaric; up to 100 graduating trainees must fight one another to the death in a five-round ritualistic competition with the last surviving participant declared as the new Knight and may take their Makai Armor for himself, as shown in the case of attempted succession of Garo Armor Shousetsu involved in. Although this was likely done to eradicate emotions in exchange for combat efficiency, such graduation practice ironically resulted the participants to be more susceptible to the darkness than intended owing to amount of negative emotion-based Inga they unknowingly soaked into Garo to the point of abundant enough to be forged into Dark Metal throughout the process. Not surprisingly, this practice had since discontinued following The Monastery's downfall and other branches of Makai Order won't likely conduct similar practice as it will leave them very few Makai Knights in their disposal. Overall, the Monastery was a remarkable yet controversial part of Makai Order.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Monastery priests' use of hand gestures to cast magic alludes Makai Alchemists of the Order's Western Branch in Anime Series.
  • Monastery essentially represents what Makai Order would become if it completely forsakes moral conscience and connection it has with normal community through its brutal, five-round competition to determine which Makai Knight trainee that truly worthy for bearing Garo title and using restrained Horrors as part of such competition among extreme methods that are understandably frowned by the Order's iterations in Original Series, Ryūga-verse, and Anime Series. Even without Azami's interference, this branch's fate has since sealed.
  • Assuming that there are no other branches around, Monastery might be very well the last of its kind, as no further attempt had been made in securing the whole branch's assets. Even if there's any, Azami had likely foiled it every single time to the point of surviving associates of the Monastery assumed that Horrors had since overrun the whole place and that reclaiming Garo is no longer possible. This may eventually changed in possible sequels.

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