Moneta was a treasure chest-like Horror that possessed the body of Donato, a thief who stole Germán's belongings.


While running away from Donato and his group, Irene ran into Germán Luís and escapes to an abandoned shack with his help. Irene explains that they were harassing her at the pub earlier, so she hit them with a wine bottle and ran away. Because of Germán's womanizer personality, she was able to convince him to strip down and take all of his belongings when Donato and company showed up, revealing that it was all a ruse meant to steal from him. Germán returns to the shack at night to see if they left his clothes, but he found Irene sincerely crying. She explained that after they stole Germán's clothes, Donato suddenly turned into a monster and killed the other two thieves before going after Irene. Donato then showed up and transformed into Moneta before being slain by Germán.

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