Morax (モラックス, Morakkusu) is a legendary time piece-themed Horror in GARO.


Morax is a cunning and stealthy Horror who exploits humans' obsessive drive by time as reflected through its chosen vessel/medium of choice in Human Realm, a time-piece which can be altered into a variety of forms in order to prey on them after the dusk. It would also make sense if the time-piece it possessed doubles as Inga Gate from which it entered Human Realm thus filled by grim history related to aforementioned drive. When facing an enemy, it is not above holding humans in his grasp as a hostage.


As mentioned in Makai Order's Horror-related records, Morax gained the reputation of a legendary Horror through wiping out an entire village in one night and possessed a time-piece through which he consumes his prey and hiding from his enemies.

During the present age, Morax adapted his vessel into various forms of wrist watch to lure in prey more efficiently, but his latest killing spree attracted the attention of the latest Garo, Kouga Saejima. The Golden Knight soon confront him shortly after the Horror consumed an unsuspecting schoolgirl before taking control of her friend. Toying with Kouga's desire to protect innocent lives, he them moved to a rich middle-aged woman before escaping. To make matter worse, as soon as he managed to elude the Golden Knight, Morax sets his gaze on Kaoru before holding her captive in his clocktower form.

Confronting Kouga in his battle form inside the clocktower, he manifests several mechanical arms ended with blades to fight the Golden Knight. Though he managed to scratch the hero, Kouga soon turns the tide of the fight by summoning his armor and tears him out of his vessel. This forces Morax to leap out for making one last attempt on his opponent's life only to be struck down in the end. Subsequently, the entire tower collapsed, but not before the victorious Kouga evacuated Kaoru to the safety.


  • Horror Powers: Morax has all abilities of Inga Horrors in his disposal including forced possession, though he chooses a time-piece through which he consumed his prey. When he takes control over his prey, he manifests six mechanical claws to firmly anchored himself into their skin, the same claws he uses to dig through their flesh before painfully draining them of their bodily fluids as well as crawling around to escape or chase unsuspecting preys. He can also change his vessel's appearance to various forms ranging from a small wristwatch to a clock tower that housed his stationary battle form outfitted with arm blades.


  • Inga-fueled Time-piece: A time-piece which acts as both medium to wreak havoc in Human Realm and perhaps his very Inga Gate. Morax can transform it into a variety of shapes from a small wristwatch to a large clock tower. In the latter form, Morax can also form mechanical arms ended with blades to fight his foes with.




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