The Crimson Moon
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Show: GARO: The Crimson Moon
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Mother Daughter is the seventh episode of GARO: The Crimson Moon, released on November 20, 2015.


While discussing about Ashiya Douman in Haruaki’s house, one of the guests starts acting like a feral cat and causes a lot of destruction before being restrained by Haruaki. The spirit attacks again from the outside, but Haruaki locks down the place and the name “Kiyome” is heard. Back at Raikou’s house, Kintoki and Raikou catch a shiki doll trying to steal their savings and they ask Seimei for the money back. Members of the police looking for Seimei, but she doesn’t want to go. Kintoki then says that since it was an order from Michinaga, they would be greatly rewarded. At the place Michinaga orders Seimei to destroy the Horror, but she refuses until Haruaki told her that there’s only one Horror who would call her “Kiyome”. At an underground cavern, a Grou Dragon is trying to awaken a Horror sealed in a crystal-like structure. Seimei then arrives at the place and taunts Douman for relying on Horrors from the past. At the watchdog’s place, Inari reveals Seimei’s past to Raikou. Raikou then goes to see Haruaki, who tells him Seimei’s past. Seimei was destined to become the strongest onmyōji due to having both Kamo and Abe blood, but the Horrors seen this a threat and attacked her residence. Seimei’s mom, the Princess Katsurako, seals all the Horrors inside of her body to protect her daughter while Seimei’s dad creates a crystal-like structure to seal himself along with his wife. Haruaki then takes the crystal and burrows it the underground cavern, all of this while Seimei was watching. After hearing her past, Raikou asks the shiki doll for Seimei’s location and Haruaki releases the seal on Zaruba. Once Raikou arrived, Douman controls the Grou Dragon into attacking Raikou.  Seimei then breaks the seal on her mother as Douman expected, but to his surprise, she transforms the Horror into a Madōgu. Raikou is having troubles fighting the Grou Dragon until Seimei arrives in the chariot made from the Horror that was once her mother, the chariot transforms the Garoken and allows Raikou to destroy the Grou Dragon. After the battle, Ashiya Douman escapes with the Priest Dōma and Seimei tricks Raikou and seals Zaruba again.

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