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My Sister is the 23th episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on March 23, 2018.


Sword and Sophie burst back into the chamber where the true El Dorado and forcibly enter inside it. Inside, they see corpses floating in the sky and Lizzy tells them it is because of King, but then they are surrounded by the Guard Bots. Back in the outside world, Luke and Gina fight their respective opponent. Sword and Zaruba stay to fight while Lizzy and Sophie go to the terminal in order to shut ELDO NET down. Luke and Knight fight, with the later remarking that Luke's inability to cut his past is his limit. Sophie manages to activate the terminal, but three Gigantic Eel Horrors appear and attack Sword. As more of them appear, Sword transforms along with Zaruba. But while trying to dodge them, they are sucked inside of King, a colorless void where the souls King took are. Back with Lizzy and Sophie, the terminal starts creating electricity and hurts Sophie while Bishop attempts to stop them with the Guard Bots, but Lizzy activates a defensive barrier. Luke fights the best he can, but he is eventually stabbed by Knight in his shoulder. Gina and Queen also fight, but Queen suddenly reveals her Horror form. Back with Sword unconscious body, King comments how they never change, that no matter which era they are on or how many times he crushes them, they always pop up like pestilent insects and fight back. Sophie attempts to shut down the terminal again, but Lizzy tells her that if she keeps interacting with it, she will disappear. Sword gets up and a surprised King asks how, something to which Sword replies because that's what it means to "live" while showing how all the people he met throughout his journey recovered from their suffering. Luke and Gina fight with everything they have in a firce battle and eventually defeat their opponents. Sword and Zaruba fight against King and his horde of digital puppets, and are successful in escaping. By combining his Garoken with Zaruba, he uses the sword and cuts down King. Sophie struggles to destroy the Eldo Net storage unit, but when one of her tears falls on her stone of protection, she sees Martin and a younger version of herself and eventually receives the password: "Everything is for my sister". ELDO NET begins to disappear and Lizzy says her goodbye to Sophie while Knight spares Luke. But as Sword exits King's void, he is intercepted by Knight wearing his Makai Armor.

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