Nagumo Taisuke (南雲太輔 Taisuke Nagumo) is one of the 100 players or "Knights" who participated in the titular game Versus Road, and one of the main competitors in GARO: Versus Road.

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  • Photographic Memory: Nagumo is able to perfectly recall all the faces he saw while inside Versus Road, something which allowed him to discover Takane's real life identity. This condition is so effective to the point that his head moved accordingly as if he was hit when he was recalling the hit he took earlier.


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Nagumo was initially a broke nobody before he was picked up by Mizugame; he invested in Nagumo which caused his career to take off and become a widely-known Ytuber. However, he didn't do it out of kindness, as Nagumo became a tool for Mizugame to earn even more money and "Versus Road" as the perfect game for that.


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