Namless (ナムレス, Namuresu) was a Makai Knight turned Horror.

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Namless took the form of a golden armor and possessed its host's swordsmanship. This horror also possessed a demonic mouth in its abdomen with two tendrils coming out from it.


Early HistoryEdit

Namless was born from the darkness of an unnamed captain of a Makai Knight group after witnessing his entire crew being killed by Inga Horrors.

Vanishing LineEdit

The Horror was sealed in a cave near a coastal village by the Demon Sealer, but the seal was near breaking upon Luke's arrival and would break entirely at the next full moon. Inheriting the will of the Horror's former comrades, Luke slew the Horror, finally putting the spirits of the group of Makai Knights to rest.

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  • This is the second known case of a fallen Makai Knight that became a Horror in the anime timeline, after Marcelo in The Carved Seal of Flames and the fifth in the overall franchise. This Horror closely resembles a Demon Beast armor.
  • Due the Horror's form, it's more than likely the captain wielded a golden Hagane.


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