Nightmare (悪夢, Akumu) is the fourteenth episode of the midnight tokusatsu series GARO. It features the debut of Shizuka, Dōji Suzumura, Kiba and Ginga.


The backstory of Rei becoming Zero is revealed.

Tensions between Rei and Kouga start reaching a boiling point, forcing the Watchdogs to order them to work together to stop hundreds of Horrors from coming out of a massive Gate. Kaoru tries to get the two Knights to get along, but ultimately fails.


Shizuka is walking in a garden, picking flowers when Ginga comes up behind and catches her. He tells her that she is not in good health and shouldn't overdo it. Shizuka asks Ginga why he chose to be a Makai Knight,and he responds by saying that it was to protect her.

Shizuka is arranging flowers by the bedside of Dōji Suzumura. As Dōji lays dying, he tells Ginga to create a new lineage of knights.

Shizuka brings a dreamcatcher for Ginga. Silva warns Ginga of an evil presence. As Ginga rushes through the estate, he see Dōji dead as witnessesses a knight resembling Garo murdering Shizuka.

At the grave, Silva tells Ginga that the knight that killed his family was a horror eating Makai Knight. Ginga gave up his name and became Zero.

Silva wakes Zero up as Kaoru walks into where Zero is staying with cake she brought from her part time job. Kaoru asks Rei to get along with Kouga. Rei pins her to the bed, but is stopped by Silva. Kaoru runs away, which was Rei's plan.

Kaoru rushed into the Saejima Estate and bumps into Kouga. Kouga asks Kaoru what is wrong as she rushes to her bedroom. She looks a the outline for a painting of Kouga and Rei.

Rei and Kouga both get a Black Orders envelope fron the Eastern Watchdogs. The Watchdogs order them to defeat one hundred horrors as they are the onle ones with Madōba. To make sure that they work together, the Watchdogs force Kouga and Rei to swap Silva and Zaruba. Kouga and Rei make a bet about who returns from the Makai Realm first.

Kaoru begins completes her painting of Garo and Zero and foresees them fighting. As Kaoru asks Gonza where Kouga is, he looks at her sadly. Kaoru leaves the estate.

Rei and Kouga transform and battle each other while killing the Horrors,of which there are more than one hundred. They realise that they fell into a trap. Rei and Kouga battle through the Horrors and destroy the Horror Element using Blazing Armament. They return from the Makai at the same time. The pair exchange Madogu and part ways.

Kouga and Rei confront the Watchdogs, but are held up by Kodama. They claim ignorance regarding the amount of Horrors.

Silva struggles to believe that Kouga is a Horror eater. Zaruba also exclaims how it is odd that there is so little dark aura on Garoken even after he has slain so many horrors. Kouga remarks that Rei was serious about killing him.



Guest Cast

  • Shizuka (静香, Shizuka): Alisa Yuriko Durbrow (ダーブロウ有紗, Durbrow Yuriko Alisa)
  • Dōji Suzumura (ドゥジ, Douji): Touru Shinogawa (ツアー 篠川, Shinogawa Touru)
  • Douji's Wife: Sachiko Meguro (目黒幸子, Meguro Sachiko)

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