Obsessian was a Horror that possessed the body of a man named Ricardo, a revered figure in Russell City's underground for his eerily accurate predictions that goes by the alias of Moon Wizard.

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Obsessian had a preference for young red-haired women, so far as to keeping a large collection of red-haired dolls in his dwelling.


Desperate to find clues for her brother, Sophie receives an e-invite from Moon Wizard. When she found Ricardo, the two went into a divination session and he eerily knew about her situation. However, he revealed himself to be the Horror Obsessian and tries to eat Sophie. But fortunately, Sword arrives to protect her from harm and Obsessian runs off. Although scared, Sword promises that she won't be harmed and convinces her to be bait Obsessian out into open combat. Obsessian is eventually slain by Sword after a very showy and destructive battle that ends in the near-destruction of a bridge when a gas tanker explodes.

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  • Obsessian is responsible for the disappearance of 17 young red-haired women in Russell city.


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