Octavia is a servant within the Kingdom of Valiante in the events of The Carved Seal of Flames. While she serves the royal court and the Valiante family, she's secretly Mendoza's loyalist and fought to protect his interests.




Octavia was once a normal resident of a village in Valiante until the day she renounced her faith in God the day her parents and sisters were torn to pieces by wolves before her eyes. Before then, she questioned her own faith at times with her sister occasionally reprimanded her for it. Even in her would be last moments, Octavia's sister stated that God would save them when wolves begin to slaughter everyone in their home. Octavia did tried to ask her fellow villagers for help, but as soon as they reached her home, the mob ended up fled in terror and subsequently left Octavia to her fate.

But then, Mendoza came to her rescue, using the "power of the devil" to do so and avenge her family — a contrast to her fellow villagers who even implied to abandon the village and forget them all in their trauma over the incident. Awed by his display of might and in his gratitude, Octavia became a fanatic to the excommunicated Makai Priest and his cause. Mendoza accepted her as his new acolyte on the condition that she never touched him.

The Carved Seal of Flames

Now a Mendoza's right hand who posed as one of Kingdom of Valiante's house keepers, Octavia is one of the few people to know the truth of the witch hunt that killed various Makai Knights and Priests. It is her who alarmed her master about Valiante family's ties with Garo upon noticing Alfonso inheriting the necklace with the Golden Knight's insignia. She covertly participated in the coup starting by framing Esmeralda of her own husband and king Fernando's poisoning which forced Alfonso to flee the kingdom with Mendoza's Horror thralls pursuing him, but failed to have the prince killed thanks to Rafael's interference.

Even after Mendoza's assumed death during Blood Moon and Lost Soul Beast León incident, Octavia continues to serve at the palace as no one is aware of her involvement with her master's plans. She secretly visited the survived Mendoza from time to time during which the spell that allowed him to survive Bloodmoon's attack revealed to have reduced him into an elderly version of himself. The major blow from the loss of Bernardo and Black Knights as well as the abrupt end of their witch hunt campaign proved insignificant for them as they already about to reach their endgame at that point.

When placed in a situation were her association with Mendoza would be exposed, cursing being left with no alternative, Octavia is forced to sacrifice her right leg to the summoned Horror Resume to avoid being discovered by Alfonso San Valiante, Ema Guzmán, and León Luís.

Later, fueled by her hatred of Makai Knights, Octavia uses the power of Mendoza's staff to transform herself into a monster as the ultimate sign of her devotion to Mendoza. Ultimately, Octavia is killed by Ema after inflicting a wound on her.


Demon Beast Armored Octavia

By using Mendoza's Staff to don a Soul Metal-based Demon Beast Armor, Octavia assumed a form called Demon Beast Armored Octavia (魔獣装甲オクタビア, Majū Sōkō Okutabia) that can match Gaia and veteran Makai Alchemist Ema.


  • Demon Beast Armored Octavia Armor: A set of Soul Metal-based Demon Beast Armor bestowed by Mendoza upon Octavia. The armor was designed for wrist blade combat, armed with retractable katar-like retractable swords mounted on both wrists, a built-in primitive Mado Gun inside the prosthetic leg, and a head harness that can project propulsive gust of wind to propel the user forward. The armor also endows the wearer superhuman strength, speed, agility, and reflexes on par with Makai Knights in their armored form. Though it was shown that Octavia cannot lift Alphonso's Makai Blade with her enhanced strength, she still a formidable and resilient combatant that can match combined might of both Gaia and veteran Makai Alchemist Ema. In fact, Ema was only able to win by default when the Demon Beast Armor fatally consumes Octavia's flesh, allowing the victorious but weakened Makai Alchemist finished her off by destroying both the deformed armor and what remained of her adversary.






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